Alberta is to steak as Romeo is to Juliet… they’re just meant to be! A 2007 article in the New York Times stated that men find women more desirable when they order steak on a first date. Regardless of whether or not that’s true, Calgary has some delicious steakhouses that are hard to beat. Vegetarians, we apologize in advance… this post is not for you. But for all the steak connoisseurs out there prepare to have your world rocked and your taste buds thrilled with the finest cuts of beef. 

Caesar’s Steakhouse

In a city where beef is King, Caesar’s Steakhouse is a Calgary tradition. Serving the finest “AAA” aged beef that Alberta has to offer, every steak is individually cut to order and cooked to your specification. Your steak is served with a baked potato and all the fixins and the cheese bread is legendary.I suggest sitting in the lounge, it’s a relaxed atmosphere and you get the truly old school experience. Caesar’s opened their doors in 1972 and not much has changed since then. Burgundy leather,red velvet and rich mohaganey finishes add to its character. If it ain’t broke, don’t change a thing.

Chicago Chophouse

A cozy yet sophisticated atmosphere, Chicago Chophouse serves some of the best steaks a la carte made of only Canada prime beef. Start things off by sharing the Alberta beef-bacon wrapped duck. Try saying that 10 times fast! Customize your steak by ordering it black and blue with cajun rub, blueberry blue cheese and chocolate demi. Or try it with crab meat and asparagus. Chicago is a great spot for lunch, dinner or for a private party! They have a sweet private dining room downstairs which boasts its own bar-how’s that for a dinner party!

Gaucho Brazilian BBQ

You know that feeling after thanksgiving dinner when you’re so full you can barely get off the couch? It’s that love-hate sensation of satisfaction but also pain. Well prepare to feel that way after visiting Gaucho Brazilian BBQ. Order the dinner rodizio and you’ll be served endless cuts of top sirloin, rump steak, pork, sausage, lamb and more. Basically the whole zoo on a skewer. Sliced straight to your plate. The dinner includes various sides and salad bar and you’ll continue to be served until you say stop, literally! Rodizino dining is like nothing you’ve ever experienced, make sure you budget a few hours, and go hungry,to do this properly. 

LeVilla Chophouse on 4th Street

LeVilla is a new addition to the 4th street restauraunt crawl and is “serving up the beef on 4th street”. A great room that is very welcoming for large groups and equally cozy for the steak date. Order the baked brie to start-raspberry and caramalized onion compote served with a fresh baquette. The asparagus soldiers are also a tasty treat to get the palate going, proscuitto wrapped spears with hollandaise and a poched egg. Now, the steak. LeVilla’s signature steak is the 12oz. bone in tenderloin-the only tenderloin in the city cooked bone in I am told. It’s cooked to perfection. Steak is served up with baby potatoes and sauteed kale or you can order family style sides. Do not pass down the dessert menu. The apple tart is like an individual apple pie made just for you. Flaky and warm from the oven it’s topped with vanilla ice cream and praline crumble. Chocolate mousse also gets an A +. 

Saltlik Steakhouse

The Saltlik’s CAB prime sirloin with a prawn skewer is a delicious combination, or you can’t go wrong with their classic filet mignon. Make sure to pack your appetite, cause all their steaks are served with a loaded baked potato. If you want to make it a spontaneous date-jump in the car and head up to Banff to visit their sister location. She’ll be swooning…

Vintage Chophouse

Their Canada prime New York strip is the steak lovers dream. Cut to perfection and available in 10 or 14 oz depending on your hunger level, you’re sure to leave satisfied.  Vintage serves family style side dishes like lobster mac and cheese, broccollini, scallop potatoes, onion rings ( my personal fav), and sauteed mushrooms. They also make a 32 oz prime rib chop perfect for you and your date to share! Feeling like showing off-conquer it alone and you’ll have the meat sweats before you get dessert. Oh yeah, dessert…the baked Alaska. Perfect.


Think more Jay-Z, less Sinatra. Dine on a locally sourced, seasonal, and organic menu while enjoying the modern atmosphere of this energetic steak house. Dim lighting, hand selected music, and a full bar and lounge on the lower level make this the ultimate modern steak night experience.