Break out of your funk and explore some new territory. They say the adult brain is fully developed by age 25, so from then on we need to do everything possible to keep it challenged and sharp. Skip the sudoku puzzles, the best way to challenge your brain is to learn something new! In addition, studies show that people connect through shared experiences and learning something new will help you and your date bond on a deeper level. Don’t be afraid to make a fool of yourself… This date is the perfect excuse to laugh at each other! From fitness to food, here are our picks for the best learn-something-new date ideas in YYC!

Dinner and a movie getting a little stale? 

How about adding a real show to the mix…live music or comedy shows make for a great night out and a little step out of the ordinary.

Live Music

Tickle your funny bone with some stand up comedy! Comedy shows make for a great date night out or a group date with all your friends. Check out The Funny Date here for your guide to Calgary’s best comedy. Hey-even if your date sucks you’ll get a laugh out of it.

Play a little…

It was so easy when we were kids. Mix up your classic date and put your game face on. How about go-karting, heading to The Shooting Edge for a little target practice or rolling a few pins at bowling? Check out “The Play Date” for your guide on where to play a little in Calgary.

The Shooting Edge

Starting your date off with a bang! Want to look extra badass in front of your partner? The Shooting Edge is the place to be in Calgary, with 16 shooting lanes and plenty of professional staff to ensure you’re doing it right. Embrace your inner Lara Croft or James Bond and challenge each other to see who can get with the most accurate shots. Winner picks their prize!

Cooking Classes! 

Cooking classes are the perfect date idea because you’re acquiring valuable knowledge and practical skills that can be applied to future dates to come. There are a variety of places throughout the city that offer cooking classes for varying prices and lengths of time. Most places will even send you home with all your delicious creations!

ATCO Blue Flame Co. 

Learn to make everything from pies, to bread, to seafood, to Moroccan! Check their upcoming schedule to find what interests you most.

Cookbook Co.

Learn how to make homemade stuffed pastas and much more!

Cuisine et Chateau

A gorgeous kitchen in Kensington that will forever change the way you think about food. Cuisine et Château invites you to explore the soul-satisfying world of cuisine. Roll up your sleeves- this is hands on fun!

Kinjo Sushi

Learn to roll like a master chef!

Paintbox Lodge, Canmore

Make it a weekend getaway! Spend a night or two at the lodge and expand your culinary repertoire while you’re at it.

Sunterra Market

The perfectly paired cooking classes teaches you new skills with expertly paired wine and spirits. Sign us up!

Wine and Beer Brewing

We know most of you would receive an A+ in drinking, so why not try making your own beer and wine! We’re not necessarily suggesting you set up shop in your basement, but you should check out some professional breweries that let you get hands on with your drink of choice. Not into making your own? Check out wine tastings instead!

Enoteca Liquor & Specialty Wine

Just a few blocks south of Chinook Centre this wine shop carries over 1000 varieties and boast a private cellar with one of a kind bottles. They also have a tasting room available for private parties and host mixology classes by Liquid Dynamix.

What happens at a mixology class you ask? One part cocktail history and two parts cocktail sampling shake up a signature experience for date night.


Become a wine expert! Wine tastings offer a crash course in everything from labels, tannin and “body”? You’ll never have to fake it again!

The Vineyard

The vineyard lets you get creative by choosing your own wine and beer combinations. But patience is needed! The wait time is between 4-8 weeks before your creations will fully come to life.

Get Fit!

Forget the boring run around the block! Learn something new with your date and get a killer workout at the same time. A lot of gyms and studios are offering new classes that are different from anything you’ve done before. Test your strength at cross fit, race your date on the bike or learn some self-defence moves with a kickboxing class. Check out our Get Fit 2014 Guide! 

Explore The Arts

Sometimes life just needs a splash of colour. Grab a coffee and take a tour of a local gallery. Check out The Artsy Date for a full list of Galleries in Calgary.

DJ Spinning Lessons

Ever wondered what it takes to be a DJ? Impress your friends with your music mixing talents by taking a DJ spinning workshop. VoxBox Studios is one of the only places in Calgary that offers simple 120 minute classes for the everyday folk. Sign up for their intro to DJ workshop or Beat Mixing/Remixing to learn how to mix beats of your own.

We evolve through our experiences, so we should always be up to try new things. What better way to do that than by making a date of it? Grab your best friend, your crush or your ball and chain and try something new!