Alright night owls, this one’s for you. For those of you who like your date to start later — or don’t want the night to end — we’ve looked into which of our favorite spots have late-night food menus available for your dating pleasures!

Just because you are out at all hours of the night doesn’t mean you have to resort to the 24-hour McDonald’s drive-thru ( the cab ride of shame we should say ), see the list below for some of the best late dinners and midnight snacks in town!

You can have a full sit down dinner experience at some of these venues – even if it’s past the typical dinner hour – and some of these joints offer good quality fast food for the late night snackers!


The Big Cheese

**Open until 3:30 AM Friday/Saturday**

 Mcdonald’s may have just put poutine on the menu in early December, but us Canadians know how to do it right. Come to one of Calgary’s finest poutineries for a satisfying snack that’s sure to tide you over! The Big Cheese has two locations in the cities most popular dating areas and a build-your-own poutine menu. This place is sure to have whatever you may be craving into the wee hours of the night. Would you like fries with that?

Clive Burger

**Open until 2:45 AM Friday/Saturday**

Craving a burger? Well, this place is open late – and you really do eat great (sorry, Wendy’s, but it’s true). Clive burger has become a quick city favorite, using locally sourced products that are better for you than the typical burger and taste better than the typical burger, too! With a funky interior and sure to be busy atmosphere, this is a fun place to end the night and share a classic custard milkshake before heading home with your hunny!

Waves Coffee

**Open until 1:00 AM** 

Need to keep stimulated for some after date activities? Pop into Waves for a java. Open all day and all night for your caffeine needs! If you’re opting for a late night heart to heart, or want to go somewhere quiet to talk, come in and lounge on a cozy couch with your cutie. There are plenty of caffeine-free options available for those looking to wind down at the end of a date, such as a selection of rooibos and herbal tea blends.



**Open until 2:00 AM Friday/Saturday**

 If you are wine people and nighthawks – then this is the place for your perfect late night date. With a selection between a lively lounge and an intimate upstairs section, you are sure to have the late night experience you desire. There are cheese plates and sharing starters, as well as a page-long dessert selection for the midnight sweet tooth!

Milk Tiger Lounge

**Open until 1:00 AM/Weekdays**

**Open until 2:00 AM/Weekends**

Ever drive by the little red building with the unidentifiable animal hung above the entrance? Well, that’s milk tiger for you. Known for it’s page-long selection of classy cocktails, this little place also offers quality food late into the night. Pair up your favorite classic mixed drink with whatever you and your date desire. There is a variety of food on this late menu – ranging from gluten free and vegan options to an ice-cream filled root beer float. Two spoons, please!

Singapore Sam’s

**Open until 4:00 AM Thursday/Friday/Saturday**

If you and your date are from Calgary – then you know this place livens up at night – and has been in our city for 28 years and running! Located within walking distance of every bar in downtown, this Chinese food buffet attracts the wildest bunch in all hours of the night! If you’ve been there you may not know how you arrived or how you left but regardless, it’s guaranteed “get what you came for” kinda late night food.

Una Pizza + Wine Bar

**Open until 1: 00 AM/7 days a week **

 This restaurant is a top-notch experience late at night. It’s the perfect mix between busy and intimate – it’s sure to keep you awake yet and keep connection between you and your date alive! Right across from the high school on 17th Ave, this is a great location to meet up late or end the night after a movie or show – and who doesn’t like pizza and wine?

 Honorable mentions

*U ‘n Me Chinese Food

*Tubby Dog

*The Ship & Anchor Pub

*The Pig & Duke Pub

*Pizza 73