We like to be in the know. Where to go, what to eat, for what occasion- that’s our thing. So when a hidden gem pops up- we get excited. The hidden gem represents a one of a kind spot that likely has a signature dish with a secret recipe and a cool history. Case and point Billingsgate Seafood Market.

Who doesn’t love fish n’ chips? With a recipe that has been passed down to it’s fifth generation, “Great Grandpa Bertie’s” batter is a must-try.

Although delicious and perfectly deep-fried, the fish ‘n chips aren’t all this family has passed down. Billingsgate MKT & Restaurant, conveniently located near the University of Calgary in the city’s Northwest, has been in operation since the early 1900’s.

Established in 1907, Billingsgate has been Calgary’s top-quality fish and seafood market for the past 97 years. With loyal customers, rave reviews, and delicious products –Billingsgate has grown from retail product provider, to performing manufacturing and processing operations and as of 2006, a restaurant. 

Everything that is available to be purchased and eaten at Billingsgate began with the dream of great, great, great, great,…?! (did we get that right, family?!) Grandpa Bert Malthouse. An english-born railroad worker, this driven man worked hard to provide our and-locked prairie city with amazing, fresh seafood one could only find in the historicBillingsgate Market of London, England.

Five generations later, the family is staying true. With menu items such as “Great Grandma Marg’s soups” and the original  batter recipe of Bertie himself, everyone’s welcome to feel part of the family. 

The casual atmosphere (you literally sit in the market, part of the daily hustle and bustle!) and friendly, passionate staff create a perfect setting for a weekend day-date. Kick back, browse around then sit for a quick and delicious meal. Every thing is big, made for sharing, and most of it is covered in batter — perfect to cure the hangovers that creep into our Sundays.

Better yet? Billingsgate is 100% local love! Operating in our growing city for almost 100 years, the market happily incorporates other local brands into the restaurant section, like Village Brewery beers, served ice cold! 

Sundays are for relaxing and spending a day in the city. We can’t think of a better way to do this than to eat some undeniably tasty seafood and support a local gem with your loved ones. Billingsgate features buck-a-shuck on Sundays too! Check out this hidden gem — you may come out smelling a little fishy, but this place is anything but that!