We work hard to play hard. It’s very clear that Calgary is young, vibrant and healthy-look at how many awesome fitness studios are popping up! The sweat date is so hot right now and we have taken the liberty of trying out the best places to workout in Calgary for you. Ditch the big box gym, these places will get your heart racing and keep you coming back for more. Spice up a routine with something new or make it a sweat date and challenge a buddy (or your lover) to stick to your goals with you.

The sweat date is one of our favourite dates! Get sweaty with your love or challenge a friend to a healthy dose of competition.

Here are a few of the best places to sweat it out in Calgary!

Barre Body Studio

A ballet inspired workout with a focus on the core and a serious butt blast! Barre Body Studio is a fitness fusion of: yoga, pilates, and dance. The workout is designed to help you sculpt, define, and shape your body with the help of a ballet barre. Each hour-long class includes a full-body, high-energy, low-impact that will help you reach your fitness goals while leaving you feeling beautiful and graceful.

Body Rock Fitness 

Body Rock is a boutique fitness studio in Bridgeland. Try Kettle bells and rowing or kickboxing and spin.  Group classes or personal training- you decide. They have classes that start at 5:30 am so you can fit it in extra early. Small studio-big heart.


The perfect challenge to get your new year off to a bang. Try something that scares you. If you’ve never tried Crossfit before- you might just surprise yourself. Crossfit is for everyone. It trains you to be physically prepared for whatever life throws at you and makes you mentally confident to say “bring it”. Calgary has tons of amazing crossfit gyms. Find one near you, grab a buddy and throw down.

Crossfit Most ( SE)

Crossfit Ramsay

Crossfit Currie Barracks

Crossfit Calgary ( NW)

Crossfit Motivate ( SE )

…to name a few. Check out our fitness listings here for a full guide of where to Crossfit in Calgary.

Heavens Elevated Fitness

Heavens elevated fitness offers a variety of high quality fitness programs. Yoga, Crossfit, kettle bells, boot camps…this studio gives the members a ton of choice to always keep things interesting. Sign up for a registered program and make new friends while you’re at it!  Those who sweat together stay together.

The Hot Shop

If you’d prefer a more mellow way to workout, check out The Hot Shop (formerly The Hot Yoga Lounge). Less of a party more of an oasis. But still expect to work you asana off. This beautiful, new, clean studio has friendly teachers and great classes in a heated room! Fellas we know you like to see your girl in some stretchy pants doing downward dog. Namaste.

One-Cycle Spin Studio

Loud beats, dark lighting, disco ball, and high energy instructors… seriously the best way to describe it is a party on your bike! Not only is it a blast, it’s also a calorie blast. Expect sore legs, red faces, and a lot of sweat! You can compliment your spin with some downward dog at their sister studios Hot Yoga on 17th or Crowfoot location.

Studio Revolution Fitness

Calgary may be a far reach from the beach, but that shouldn’t stop you from getting your surf on! This workout challenges your strength and balance through a 45 minute routine on a custom made unstable surfboard. You’ll be ready for the real waves in no time! 

YYC Cycle

YYC Cycle is throwing down a challenging but fun class in a brand new studio in Kensington.

YYC Cycle-home of the biker gang! What is a biker gang you ask? Well it’s pretty much a bad ass term for ‘those who sweat together’ on the bike. No pre-requisite required except the desire to feel good and be around awesome people.  First time rider or seasoned vet, walk through the doors of YYC Cycle and their motivators will take care of the rest.   

YYC Cycle is a community based around fitness among friends. Feel good, do good, spread it, live it.  Fitness is the foundation for a better life. The better you feel, the healthier you are-the more confidence you find within-the better you can be at everything else.

The team at YYC Cycle prides itself on being “In the business of happiness”, you’ll understand once you take one of their bikes for a ride.

2110 Fitness

Where the athletes play. They have the most amazing ‘playground’ at 2110- tires to flip, ropes to climb, artificial grass to throw down on. With a highly skilled team of pro’s this is where you can take your fitness to the next level. You can find crossfit style classes, kettlebell classes, spartan race training or kickboxing. A perfect place for you to work out together.


Memorial Path and Stairs

One of the best ways to see the city is to run it! The memorial path offers beautiful views of the skyline and bow river. Keep it mellow on the path or rev up your game and challenge each other to running all 167 of the memorial stairs, as many times possible! Loser buys lunch!

Glenmore Reservoir

Bike or run your way around the gorgeous reservoir. It’s a challenging run or a nice cruise on your bike. 

Check our full fitness guide here to search for a fitness studio near you.

After a workout it’s important to fuel with the proper nutrients! While it’s tempting to grab a juicy cheeseburger and some fries don’t let all your hard work go to waste. Continue your date post workout at one of these approved locations.