Men, pursue your suits. Ladies, we have a few dreamy males that cameo in our dreams (or creep into our minds during the day to stall any productivity). The quintessential man in uniform such as the law-abiding, strong silent cop, or a burly, lifesaving fireman. The rugged construction worker who’s good with his hands. The bearded hipster who plays guitar while wearing his Chuck Taylor’s and tattoos. Rule of thumb for dream guy: ironically, if the Village People did it, there’s a reason. These testosterone fueled stereotypes evoke the epitome of manliness. We love a good fantasy and Mad Men emphasized one of the most prominent of all, “the suit”. He’s clean-cut, driven, dressed for success and always sporting a well tailored suit. The Harry Rosen catalogue has become a modern day Playgirl magazine. Where do we find a Harvey Specter of our own? Head to the financial district downtown and scope out the nearby watering holes where you can spot the elusive executive sipping a cocktail after a hard day of trading, banking, etc…or just being ridiculously good looking.

Briggs Kitchen + Bar

A cool, casual space to eat, drink and be staring (at the unsuspecting suit).  With impeccable service (check out their urbanspoon reviews), industrial yet cozy atmosphere and obviously a great menu topped off with a unique cocktail list. 

Ceili’s Modern Irish Pub

Cold beer and local hospitality. A great place to unwind and get your “craic” fix (no they’re aren’t drug pushers…craic is an Irish expression for good times with good friends. No Whitney Houston).


Right next door to National, touting Canada’s largest selection of craft beer and fresh and local food, and surrounds you with a casual open feel and vintage charm, it’s a perfect location to easily creep on your prey.

Double Zero Pizza

$5 drinks and bar snacks makes Double Zero one of the best downtown happy hours in YYC!


A wall of lushly lit wine bottles creates the perfect atmosphere to lounge and decompress after a long day. Make it in time for happy hour from 4-6 pm and you’ll indulge in great specials and savoury small bites.

Local 8th Avenue

The casual meeting place that they describe as “…kind of like your living room, just with better food and people to serve you beer”. With new selections daily and rotating taps, it’s perfect to watch the ties loosen.

National 10th Avenue    

The 10th Ave hangout lists an oyster bar, a bowling alley, the bourbon room, and a huge list of beers and cocktails to celebrate the small lot North American producer. We also question if they hire only hot, bearded bartenders.