Who doesn’t love dessert? A lazy weekend frozen yogurt, a sudden chocolate attack or an after dinner sweet tooth. Whatever your vice, drop in, stay awhile and enjoy the best meal of the day with someone special.

Kawa Espresso Bar

Try the flour-less chocolate cake or one of their delectable tarts. You can find delicious cookies, drool-worthy cakes and perfect little macaroons at Kawa. Chill out with a glass of wine and listen to some great music. Kawa frequently has live music or a DJ spinning for your dessert eating enjoyment.

My Favourite Ice Cream Shoppe

72 flavours of ice cream… need we say more?

An old school Calgary gem. Two locations-one in Marda Loop and the other in Aspen.

Purple Perk

Purple Perk has amazing coffee but I’m just going to go right out and say it… their desserts are even better! Try their delicious rich chocolate cake (I would do bad things for a slice of this bad boy), Nanaimo bars, or chocolate chip cookies the size of your head. Plus they’re open till 11 pm so there’s plenty of time in the day for sweets with your sweetheart.

Tutti Fruitti Frozen Yogurt

I’d like to think that I have good taste, especially when it comes to satisfying my sweet tooth. Of all things, I would call myself, fro-yo connoisseur ranks highly on the list. Frozen yogurt is the greatest creation since sliced bread…for reals yo. Tutti Frutti on 17th Ave is a lively little hot spot and a perfect date night destination. On any given night they have 10 different flavours to choose from, including soy options and sorbet for my dairy free friends, as well as over 40 toppings to build your masterpiece with! Pick your flavour(s), pick your toppings, then sink into a cloud of total bliss. Mix and match, swirl, create, compete, share, sample, admire…..enjoy! Skip dessert at the restaurant, Tutti Frutti is more than a treat, it’s an experience.

Village Ice Cream 

The trendiest place to get a scoop, or two, or three. Village Ice Cream is pure homemade goodness that’s impossible not to like. We like them all but we especially love the salted caramel and the seasonal honey lavender that’s available now. They also offer take home cartons so you can bring village along to your romantic picnic in the park… or your equally romantic date with your pyjamas, the couch, and the remote! We don’t judge! 


Corbeaux bakehouse is the perfect date spot on 17th to satisfy your sweet tooth. There is always a beautiful selection of pastries that rival any French patisserie to go along with your specialty coffee, wine, or creative cocktail. If you need a little something more before delving into the éclairs and macarones, Corbeaux also serves an equally as delectable breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

THE LADY BUG CAFÉ – Bakery + Espresso Bar

The Lady Bug Café is a beautiful, sunny café in the heart of Aspen. Only the finest, organic ingredients go into making each bistro item, loaf of bread, pastry, and coffee. Your date will be nothing short of impressed.