Shake, shake, shake it like a polaroid picture! It’s friday night, the week is over and it’s time to let loose. Get rid of your lame excuses that you can’t dance… Who cares! You don’t need to have the best moves to have the best time. The dance floor date does not discriminate. We love the Calgary club scene because there is such variety of atmospheres to suit whatever you’re into. So whether you’ve got moves like jagger, or two left feet, these places always guarantee a great time!

Commonwealth Bar and Stage

Known as an “uncommon bar for common people” this place is always packed! But don’t let the long lines throw you off, once you’re inside you’re guaranteed quite the evening! With multiple bars spread throughout, and two different dance floors commonwealth never gets dull. If you’re picky with your music choices, commonwealth is known for having some of the best DJs in the city who are always spinning something new and unique. Hungry? Their cafeteria is open late so you can satisfy your hunger without leaving the place. Warning: their stairs are notorious for causing an accident or two (not that we’re speaking from experience or anything).

Marquee Beer Market and Stage

This eatery and nightclub has an approachable beer list, casual eats, live music stage, wine on tap and an epic D-floor. Expect wicked performances, sick beats and good times!  They even offer VIP service if you feel like poppin’ a bottle. A huge improvement from the Back Alley-where we’d like to deny ever being. 


A brand new bar and lounge, Standard is the ultimate place for a lux night out. Their main dance floor and bar is located underground, allowing you to feel like you’re entering a whole new world. Raise your glasses, and raise your standards! 

TEN Nightclub

There is always a party goin’ on at TEN. Hot DJ’s, drink specials, twerk offs-you name it.  Calgary’s hip- hop club always has fresh talent and a wicked party. 

Vinyl Dance Room & Hyde Whisky Room

Good old Calgary classics! Vinyl and Hyde are neighbours that, while different, offer equally great times. Hit Vinyl if you’re in the mood for dancing or Hyde if you’d rather just sit back and enjoy some scotch, or whiskey. Or take our advice and do both!