In our over-caffeinated society it seems most people can’t function without their morning cup of Joe. Don’t worry peeps, we’re right there with you. But how come the home brew is just never as satisfying as the one you buy at your local coffee shop? Coffee shops, with their cozy atmospheres and delicious treats, make for the perfect date destination. It just so happens that some of our favourites happen to double as a wine bar so you can decide what kind of buzz you’re after.  Forget your local Starbucks, there are plenty of neighbourhood gems that are essential to try! Java with your love-ah will certainly get your heart racing!


Analog is where the cool kids hang on 17th.  As goes with anything quality-their coffee takes time to brew the perfect cup. Analog has mastered the pour over system allowing you to choose your roast and have a cup made to order.  This coffee mecca is always packed. There is a buzz of energy from workaholics attached to their laptops or friends swapping stories .They sell sidewalk citizen baked goods (best brownie ever)  and tasty sandwiches to go with their killer lattes.

Café Artigiano

Cafe Artigiano is the go to quintessential downtown coffee bar. Their coffee is delicious and espresso based drinks are the cats pyjamas here.  The atmosphere at Cafe Artigiano is quite corporate in its two downtown locations-making it ideal for a meeting or an afternoon coffee date. Cafe Artigiano also has great panini pressed sandwiches putting it on the map for a downtown lunch destination as well.

Café Beano

Cafe Beano is a long time favourite coffee shop on 17th Avenue. They have some serious baking skills at cafe Beano-try a house baked cookie or a morning glory muffin- they truly are glorious. You can grab a toasted PB & banana bagel for an on the go breakfast or enjoy a hand crafted sandwich for lunch. There aren’t many seats and it’s always jammed packed but if you’re lucky enough to grab a table, stay a while and take in the scenery- the people watching is the best part.

Café Rosso 

A little outside of the core, Cafe Rosso is chillin’ on 11th Ave & 4th street SE in the Arriva tower. I love going to Cafe Rosso to sit and work for a couple hours. It’s a great atmosphere, bright and inviting. You can get a pressed focaccia sandwich or a bowl of soup to eat or try one of their killer cookies to go with in my opinion-one of the best mochas in yyc. Cafe Rosso is a good spot to grab a bite and a beer before a flames game or a concert as well.


deVille has three locations; art central, fashion central and in Bridgeland. While seville is  a great spot for the early morning coffee hit-the downtown locations make for a great lunch spot and an even better happy hour. deville is licensed so you can enjoy wine, beer and a cheese plate to unwind after work.

Gravity Espresso and Wine Bar

Gravity Espresso & Wine Bar has a chilled out atmosphere and is home of the best coffee in Inglewood. This coffee bar is so much more than a cup of joe, it’s a great spot to enjoy a meal that tastes like home cooking. You can also get a nice cheese platter, wine and bubbles. Gravity hosts live music weekly -perfect for a date night out!

Higher Ground

Located in Kensington, Higher Ground serves amazing fair trade, organic coffee, soups, sandwiches, and other eats to accompany your stimulating conversation. They even have local live music on varying days throughout the month. Higher ground is home to studying students, meet up groups and friends catching up over something warm. Stay in house or grab your coffee to go and take a stroll along the bow river. Higher ground has great food too!


Part coffee bar, part wine and dessert bar Kawa is a Calgary gem located on 8th Ave and 14th street. At night you can kick back and enjoy live music with something sweet from the dessert bar or stop in for a sandwich and an espresso for lunch on the fly. Kawa’s espresso is strong and they make a mean coffee. They also feature a great by the glass wine list and an impressive bottled beer collection. Kawa is open late daily so you’ll have somewhere to roam when the chocolate cravings attack.

Phil & Sebastian 

Phil & Sebastian have claimed a new home in Mission. They have breakfast staples like pan seared maple oatmeal, free range fried egg sandwich or fresh baked goods. For lunch you can grab a perfect grilled cheese sandwich or soup and salad. And, guess what?! They are also serving charcuterie boards and wine.  Also, caramel salted cheesecake….Phil & Sebastian is a perfect hang out for you and your date any time of day.

Purple Perk

Oh how I love the Perk. Most of my University degree was achieved through endless study sessions and many many baked goods at Purple Perk. It’s everyone’s coffee shop -breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert and open late. Go for something sweet with your plus one-try the mile high chocolate cake or oreo cheesecake. You’ll have to master the awkward stares here if you’re looking for a table during the weekend brunch rush, it’s first come first serve seating and people love to camp out.