Ladies, forget the sky-high stilettos, gents, leave your dress shirt behind (but please wear a different shirt we’re not endorsing public nudity)… this date is all about keeping it casual. You don’t need to be constantly dropping the big bucks in order to have a good time! Calgary has some amazing places to eat that are quick, casual, and equally delicious.

Calgary Farmers Market

While it may seem like a strange place to go on a date, the Farmers’ Market is actually a lot of fun! There are close to a hundred vendors all selling a variety of different foods, and other goods. Everything from fresh fruit to bison jerky to homemade crepes, it’s the ultimate casual culinary experience. Can’t commit to one thing in particular? No worries, challenge your date to a walk around the building and compete for who can try the most samples. Now that’s a wallet friendly option! Finish off your day by looking at some of the cool handmade bags, jewellery, soaps, and artwork. Malls and grocery stores are sooooo mainstream. 

Café Beano

For all you coffee connoisseurs, beano is sure to impress! Their espresso is made of a blend of 5 carefully chosen beans, their chocolate is all Bernard Callebaut, and their bagels are authentic montreal style wood fire. Need a good pick me up? Try their chocolate espresso milkshake. Your willingness to share it with your date is the litmus test for true love. It’s that good! 

Clive Burger

The classic American burger stand reinvented! Clive uses only the best local ingredients, and hormone/antibiotic free beef! Choose your toppings, choose your cheese, and make sure to order clive sauce. Prefer not to eat foods with faces? Clive offers veggie patties and gluten free buns to suit nearly any dietary restriction! Wash it down with a milkshake or even a beer for a complete meal. Plus their open until nearly 3 am on weekends so if you’re casual date starts a tad bit late clive’s got your back. We call that yum in a bun!

Higher Ground

Get to know each other better over a cup of joe. Higher ground serves amazing fair trade, organic coffee, soups, sandwiches, and other eats to accompany your stimulating conversation. They even have local live music on varying days throughout the month. Stay in house or grab your coffee to go and take a stroll along the bow river. A perfect lazy saturday! 

YYC Food Trucks 

If you’re looking for the ultimate in casual dining experiences hit up the food trucks! The food trucks came on the scene in late 2010 as an effort to bring street food culture to Calgary. Take your date for a stroll around the city and see what you stumble upon. Or if you have a certain truck that you’re dying to try, check out their live twitter feeds to track their current locations.