The first burger was created by Louis Lassen in 1900 for his restaurant “Louis’ Lunch” in New Haven, Connecticut. Since then it’s stood the test of time and remained one of the most popular dining choices by people all over North America and even the world. But the criteria for distinguishing a good burger from a bad one is sometimes tricky. Lucky for you we’ve done all the work in handpicking the best burgers in the city. From casual to gourmet, there’s something for every type of burger lover!

Boogie’s Burgers

Jebb’s Doggie Burger

If you’re ready for the ultimate cheat day this burger is for you. One patty, two slices of bacon, and a butterflied beef wiener with Boogie’s signature red sauce, onions and tomato. Yup, a hot dog and burger all in one. Who says you have to choose?

Clive Burger

Hamburger with Cheese

Clive knows how to make a mean burger. We love how they’re perfectly customizable with your choice of fixings, sauce, cheese, and extras like bacon or a fried egg. You can even choose a veggie patty or gluten free bun so there’s no excuse to not enjoy a burger! Their clive sauce is like crack and their custard milkshakes (strawberry, chocolate or vanilla) are impossible to pass up!

Flipp’n Burgers

The Flipp’n Burger

A beef patty served with cheddar, swiss, bacon, frizzled onions, sautéed mushrooms topped with flippin’ sauce. Flipp’n burger also offers three vegetarian friendly options (vegan burger, black bean burger, falafel burger) and gluten free buns!

Holy Grill

Garden Avocado Burger

A veggie patty made from mushrooms, rolled oats, brown rice, spinach and mozzarella. Topped with cheddar, avocado, eggplant and mayo. Can’t fathom eating a veggie burger? We promise this one will have you whistling a different tune!


Beef Burger

A classic burger with a twist! National let’s you choose how you want your burger cooked so it’s done the way you like it. We suggest topping it off with bacon and fried egg. Served with your choice of house salad, french fries or the delicious national Caesar.


Monthly Burger Inspiration

It’s all in the name! Notable’s creations are always worthy of attention. Their burgers are delicious but change by the month so keep your eyes peeled and your stomachs hungry. A new burger every month means extra reason to go back!

Pig & Duke Neighbourhood Pub

The Duke Burger

Beef patty, mushroom, lettuce, tomatoes, onion, back bacon, pulled pork, double smoked bacon, cheddar and grubec. It’s an amazing combination that your cardiologist does not need to know about.


To be a proper Calgarian, you must eat at Peters’ Drive in at least once. This local hot spot is the go-to for flame-broiled, never frozen burgers, and old-fashioned milkshakes. Triple burger, triple cheese, veggie burger with cheese, whatever you’re into, they’ve got you covered. Peters’ is the best way to start or end an outdoor summer date.