Spirit Animals & Such

Things I’m trying and failing to understand: Gemstones, spirit animals, and dating. 

The Zoo Lights Date

Our favourite holiday date is back!  There really isn’t anything better than a Zoolights date to get into the holiday season. Whether you’re a new flame or the old ball and chain- the magic of the lights will always bring a spark to date night! This year, The Calgary Zoo has a few exciting additions to make date night at The Zoo even better. Now, you can ice skate, visit santa and check out a 16 ft singing Christmas tree!  

Houdini- The Modern Magician

Written by Alex Brown Just like that they’re gone The modern day Houdini is more intriguing than the original don’t you think? They call late at night to enter your apartment and faster than you can say ‘abracadabra’ they’ve left without a trace. Have you ever been texting with someone who’s amazing and they just […]

Back When Dating Was Easy

Written By Katie Tetz I found some love notes from my ex-boyfriend If having a boyfriend was a skill, I used to be pretty good at it. I was good at finding them, keeping them, and not ever making them too mad. Things seemed to naturally progress from crush to boyfriend. And if it ended, […]

Take the lead… but don’t lead me on.

Written by Kelsay Gault Because no one likes mixed signals Image by Murad Osmann There’s something to be said about being with someone who makes you work a little bit for their attention. They’re busy and, well, they don’t always have time for you. You’re on your toes – can they hang out today? what […]

Should I break up with my girlfriend before Stampede?

Male, Single, 19: I am currently in a relationship and it’s going well.  We’re young, having fun and I like hanging out with her., you know, regular mushy shit… BUT I am 19, Stampede is almost here and I want to be single.  No attachments and tear it up during Stampede.  

Basically I am thinking of breaking up with my girlfriend before Stampede. There may be a chance we get together after but who knows.  I am sounding like a total douche but I feel like I might regret this.  Should I do it?  What is the best way to break up with her?

Can guys and girls ever be ‘just friends’?

In my humble opinion the answer to this age-old debacle is yes. It’s a slippery territory that requires thoughtful navigation, but it is totally-one-hundred-percent possible to keep things totally-one-hundred-percent platonic. Let’s examine my own personal life story with my best friend Matt. Matt and I met in college. It was my first year and I […]

This guy is way out of my league – how do I talk to him?

Female, 23, single & dating: I went to a business meeting with a man that looked just like Ryan Gosling. Seriously I could barely even look at him in the eye, he was toooooo pretty! This business mtg has now turned into drinks after work and I don’t know if I can do it, he is too good looking!! He does have a great personality though, not a jerk.  Every time I look at him, I just look away and giggle to myself, like I am a f@#$ing school girl.  What should I do?