Five things to remember on a first date.

Written by Christopher Totten Sometimes we all just need a little refresher. Make sure you have something interesting to contribute to the conversation. Lets all face it. When we are getting ready for a first date it can be nerve wracking. We sooth our nerves by telling ourselves internal affirmations, such as “Everyone gets nervous […]

And still the bee bumps against the window

Written by Marc Renton There’s a reason that glass is there As an observer of the world I am always dumbfounded when I watch a bumblebee repetitively fly into a window. The bee either can’t recall how it entered the house, or it truly doesn’t care how he first got there. The only thing the […]

Should I break up with my girlfriend before Stampede?

Male, Single, 19: I am currently in a relationship and it’s going well.  We’re young, having fun and I like hanging out with her., you know, regular mushy shit… BUT I am 19, Stampede is almost here and I want to be single.  No attachments and tear it up during Stampede.  

Basically I am thinking of breaking up with my girlfriend before Stampede. There may be a chance we get together after but who knows.  I am sounding like a total douche but I feel like I might regret this.  Should I do it?  What is the best way to break up with her?

This guy is way out of my league – how do I talk to him?

Female, 23, single & dating: I went to a business meeting with a man that looked just like Ryan Gosling. Seriously I could barely even look at him in the eye, he was toooooo pretty! This business mtg has now turned into drinks after work and I don’t know if I can do it, he is too good looking!! He does have a great personality though, not a jerk.  Every time I look at him, I just look away and giggle to myself, like I am a f@#$ing school girl.  What should I do?