The Making of a Stone Heart

One of Calgary’s gentleman confesses the story behind his suit. “This man is dedicated to his career and doing him things every day; he is the envy of all his married male comrades. His married counterparts live vicariously through his tales of yacht week and “this one time at the after party….” Across our Great […]

Three Times a Match on Tinder

If you can’t tell, we love Tinder. Here’s another funny, Tinder-related scenario.   Claudia started chatting with Robert three months ago after he persistently said hello on Tinder. They had much to talk about because they both share a love of fashion, art, good coffee, food photography, and a mutual belief that Jesus didn’t exist. […]

Confession: The Magic 8 Ball

Lessons learned from my friend Zoe.   “When Nick and I broke up my mom had to take away my Magic 8 ball.” In an attempt for answers, my then sixteen year old friend Cynthia clung tight to her 8 ball for the clarity she so desperately wanted post-breakup. In the same way we used […]

Dating Confessions from YYC: The Serial Dater

A story contributed by a real serial dater in the YYC.   Calgary born and raised, traveler, lover of bourbon and wine, Music Therapist and unfortunately a bit of a serial dater. Age 19 He  picks me up in his Mustang, takes me for lunch at Melrose and talks about how wonderful he is. Makes […]

Dating Confessions from YYC: Speed Date Edition

How my friend Blaire spent her December. What happens when you go from a three year relationship right into a seven year relationship and then a decade later find yourself single in your late twenties?  In my friends case, she decided she had a lot of catching up to do. Because of her growing and […]