So you want to contribute?
Do you…

Have a fun date idea?
A funny dating story to tell?
A single-in-Calgary related rant you’d like to take up?
Have tips for how to keep a relationship hot and exciting?
Want to share your favorite secret date spot in the Calgary?
Have a great love story?
Have passion for our city?

Great. We’d love to have you. We like to have a good time, but there are a few things we’d like you to keep in mind…

Our Demographic

First of all, we’d like you to understand the audience. Our consumer market consists of Calgary’s young professionals. These are the ( mainly ) 23-40 year-old entertainment driven adults. This segment has over 350,000 people and represents 24% of the population in our sexy, booming city.

The Style

Our goal: When you’re developing an idea or doing a write up, it’s absolutely essential that you are focusing on the experience. This is what makes us different! Why? Well, you can use Google to find a place nearby. You can read menu reviews on other websites. Here, you can get the full date experience in detail. We want to provide our readers with enough information to prepare them for their entire date– from what to wear, where to go, how to get there, when to go and who to go with. We want to help Calgary go on better dates and be better daters! We want to give our readers the information that will enhance their social life and improve their relationships.

The Tone

We are fun, thoughtful, witty and informative.  We are always writing to the reader directly, as if we were chatting with them over drinks. Sometimes it’s necessary for us to tell it like it is – especially if we are talking about sex or other scandalous topics. We are confident in the information and tips we choose to share because we know from experience. We are always positive and encouraging. Notice how we ask a lot of questions? It’s because we want to pull our readers and get to know them.

We also don’t have a filter. We make the rules and we can talk about whatever we want.

The Requirements

Date ideas

We don’t just want a restaurant review naming the best menu items. The experience needs to be written as a step-by-step process including thoughtful tips that take the reader through the whole date: beginning to end. Also, it doesn’t always have to be a specific venue-focused date. You could pitch a day in the park, as long as you have it planned from start to end.

Always answer the following questions:

Where are we going?
What are we celebrating? (Why)
When are we going?
Who are we going with?
What is the price range?
What can we expect?
How can we prepare?

Consider ideas for dress-code tips or booking information for the beginning. Include a description of the venue or settings décor, typical crowd, and ambiance. Include at least one or two standout or well-known menu items that are suitable for the audience in mind and the size of group that will be dining. End the experience with advice as to where to go after, or a small summary of similar places within the city. Always provide the address, phone number and booking contact of whichever venue is suggested for the date and any additional location information. Remember: Be thoughtful!

Lifestyle Posts ( we want your dirt. )

We like ideas that are fresh and daring but still relative to our audience. Do you have a common, Calgary-related dating problem? Think other people could learn from your mistakes or relate to your frustrations? Write articles that are concise and honest – and don’t be afraid to be witty or funny. We’re all friends here and we want to hear it like it is, details and all. Just don’t write us a novel on the cliché way you met your true love with a whimsical fantasy ending. But don’t write us a description of the dirty details that happen in your bedroom. Just give us something we’d all benefit from hearing, knowing or learning when it comes to dating and love in the YYC!




We’d love to hear from you. Help our readers have a good time in our city.

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