Summer Lovin Passport

Whether you are using this passport to spice up your dating, relationships or friendships – we’re sure these ideas will break you out of your typical dinner and a movie rut with the Date Night Passport.

Available to purchase online.
Pick up at the at It’s Date Night HQ (1006 11 AVE SW)  Mon – Friday 10am at 5pm or sent in the mail with Shipping Address provided.

Make sure to register your passports here . Fulfill the steps to enter our 3 grand prizes. 

Other Places to Buy + Pick up Passports:

  • Fiasco Gelato – 221 19 St SE #110
  • Elwood & Rabbit (24 4 St NE, Calgary)
  • Burwood Distillery (4127 6 St NE #15)
  • Gorilla Whale (1214 9 Ave SE)
  • UTCA Chimney Cakes (207 13 Ave SE)
  • Escape 60 (1638 10 Ave SW)
  • OMO Teppan & Kitchen (5222 Macleod Trail)
  • Beltliner (243 12 Ave SW)
  • Dellor Ice Cream (1309 Edmonton Trail NE)
  • Fit Repulic (989 McPherson Rd NE)
  • Railyard Brewing (10301 19 St NE Unit 121)
  • Home & Away (1331 17 Ave SW)

The Intuition Project

Have you ever had a feeling that you just “knew”?

In May 2018, the Ghost River Theatre company met at the West Village Theatre in Calgary, AB to investigate the most mysterious of the senses: intuition.
The artistic researchers from GRT (in association with UBC’s Visual Cognition Lab and a group of social psychologists, mediums, and neuroscientists) executed a series of experiments in meditation, Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) tests, and psychometry readings to access and evaluate their innermost intuition. The final exercise involved a Ouija board, after which the artistic laboratory was immediately shut down.
After weeks of testing and experimentation, in September 2018 these findings will finally be made public.

The newest installment of the Six Senses Series (SCENT BAR, TOMORROWS CHILD, TOUCH, TASTE), THE INTUITION PROJECT invites you to analyse the evidence for yourselves.

Tested in partnership with Vertigo Mystery Theatre and proudly presented to the world as part of Beakerhead 2018, THE INTUITION PROJECT asks you to look inside yourself and test what you believe is real.

Are you a Believer or a Skeptic? Will what you think is possible be changed by the end of the evening? Join us at both Vertigo Studio Theatre and West Village Theatre to find out more.

VERTIGO THEATRE in the Studio (located in the base of the Calgary Tower 115 – 9th Ave SE)

Sept 12 – 15, 2018  8PM – with an additional 2pm matinee performance on Sept 15th.

BEAKERHEAD at The West Village Theatre (2007 10th Ave SW – alley entrance)

Sept 19 – 22, 2018  8 PM – with an additional special midnight performance closing night!