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Allow us to introduce you to your summer themed Brewery Passport.
Whether you’re using this to spice up your dating life, your relationship or your friendships – we’re sure these brewery date nights will break you out of your dinner and a movie rut.
Use this passport as your guide to the best brewery dates our city has to offer. So, grab your bae, bro, momma, or bff and get out there! Trust us, your couch won’t miss you.


How To Use Your Passport

[/vc_column_text][vc_row_inner][vc_column_inner][vc_column_text]             Register your passport below. You’ll receive an email to unlock your experiences.

             Pick a date. Each page will tell you where to go, what you get and how to redeem

             Take a photo while you are on your date

             Tag the venue + @datenightyyc share with us using #YYCBEERDATES

             Have fun! Tell Your Friends.

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*make sure you to check contest guidelines for all details

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We’ve carefully curated these fun, brewery experiences to break you out of your date night comfort zone.

You can complete these experiences in whatever order you would like – ensure to read the terms on each page for redemption.


If elevating your relationship isn’t enough for you, we have the following prizes up for grabs.


GRAND PRIZE $599 Value Pedal Pub Tour

to enter – you must complete ALL passport experiences

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10 tickets for you and your friends to enjoy this year’s The Mashing event in the fall and an invitation to next year’s #BeTheBrewer Competition.

ABF is our proud Sponsor!

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