The Tea Date

We often use the term, going for coffee, but we can’t forgot about the tea lovers. Winters are mild here in Calgary, but it’s still winter, and sometimes a cozy tea date is what we crave. There are some fantastic tea houses in this city and we’ve found them for you.

Red Bush Tea & Coffee Company

Red Bush tea & Coffee Company is a bit of a hidden gem in Kensington. It’s a cozy little shop with retail tea, coffee, and candy in the front of the shop, and a seating area in the back.

Oolong Tea House

Oolong Tea House is the perfect tea date spot in Kensington. Whether it’s a cold winter night, or beautiful summer evening, this cozy tea house does it right.


Ollia Macaron and Tea

Have yourself a Parisian date with Ollia Macaron and Tea. They’ve got a beautiful selection of tea and macarons to make this a special date to stay or to stroll down 17th.


The Naked Leaf

This little gem is hidden on Kensington Ave. They’ve got a huge selection of loose leaf teas and crafted tea wear. Let their expertise add to your next tea date.


The Tea Factory

The Tea Factory is your downtown tea date, located on 4th Street. They serve 100% natural teas in a modern style cafe. While you’re there, pick up some tea wear and some loose tea to go.

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