The Patio Date

The Patio date is a staple summer date that you can’t miss out on. The patio date can take you from day drinks in the sun, to patio lanterns and an atmosphere worthy of a movie set. Calgary has so many great patios to choose from, so we’re here to help with a few top picks. 


The Wurst patio is one of the best. They’ve got bench seating, lots of heat lamps above for those chillier nights, and the full Wurst menu. There isn’t much more we could ask for.

Bonterra trattoria

Bonterra is your best bet for an Italian inspired evening. With their second-to-none Tuscan terrace, and inspired menus, this one will do your date justice.

Broken City

When you’re looking for a seriously casual summer patio, where you can drink your Coors light with Clam, or really anything you’re into without pretentious judgement, get to Broken City’s patio. Take in live music, and come and go as you please.

The Living Room

The Living Room’s patio on 17th is one that is always inviting and enticing. It sits among the rowdier venues on the block, yet maintains it’s cozy-lively vibe.

Oak Tree Tavern

Oak Tree Tavern is tucked away in Kensington on 10th. They’ve got lots of great events like live music, comedy, and bingo, and one of the best patios in the city.

Container Bar

Container Bar is a cool experience that’s different from anything else in Calgary. Nestled between two buildings, serving from a bar literally made of a container, and a patio complete with patio lights and park benches make this a summer must.

Last Best Brewing & Distilling

Last Best brings their freshly made beer and quality pub food outdoors for the summer. Hit up their patio for an easy casual date.


National never misses – Especially when it comes to patio season. National on 10th, 17th, and 8th easily have some of Calgary’s best patios.

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