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Virginia Woolfe said it best- “one cannot eat well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.”

There is power in food. Some of the best memories we have involve breaking bread with family and friends. But think about how many people go hungry each and every day? Enter Mealshare.

Mealshare provides an easy way to give to those in need, while keeping your own hunger pains at bay. How? The organization has partnered with different restaurants throughout the city on a Mealshare item, marked on the menu with an icon. Enjoy your delicious food as normal, and feel good knowing a meal will be given on your behalf, to a person in need. The meal will be donated to your community’s local charity partner, such as the Calgary Drop In & Rehab Centre, or internationally through Save the Children. In addition, Mealshare works to provide shelter, education and opportunity to those in need.

So, next time you’re deciding where to dine, why not make it a Mealshare date?

Full belly, and a full heart – we like the sounds of that.

Here’s where you can do good and date well in YYC.

Bar C
Below Deck
Big Catch
Big Fish
Blue Star Diner
Bow Valley Ranche
Brava Bistro
Brigg’s Kitchen & Bar
Catch Oyster Bar
Cottonwood Golf & Country Club
Dairy Lane Cafe
Fiasco Gelato
Food Works Craft Catering
Fraiche Catering
Laurier Lounge
Modern Steak
Naina’s Kitchen
Native Tongues Taqueria
Oak Tree Tavern
Open Range
Open Sesame
Original Joe’s
Ox and Angela
Peanut Butter Cupboard
Perogy Boyz Food Truck
River Cafe
Sidewalk Citizen
Sky 360
Smuggler’s Inn
Spot On
Tango Bistro
The Coup + Meat
The Loop
The Libertine
Toscana Italian Grill
UNA Pizza + Wine
Vendome Cafe
Yellow Door Bistro

Launching January 12th, we are partnering with Mealshare and The Yellow Door Bistro to host the very first “Do Good Date”. This will include a group of 10 couples who will start off the date by rolling up your sleeves and preparing and serving a meal at The Calgary Drop In Centre. After dinner we will all enjoy a meal together at The Yellow Door. Every month we will partner with different Mealshare restaurants to help us help you do a little good in our hood.

One for one.

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