The I’m Sorry Date

So you’ve gotten yourself in the doghouse. It doesn’t matter what you did (in fact we’d rather not know), all that matters is getting yourself out. What to do when your puppy dog eyes just aren’t working? That’s where we come in the picture. This is the time to pull out all the stops. Spoil your significant other with flowers, jewelry, and a perfectly planned evening out that truly captures your remorse.

I’m Sorry Dining:

Taking your date out for a nice meal, whatever time of day, is a positive gesture that can give you some time to chat and reset. If you need to hash it out though, this is not a good idea – Nobody likes a public domestic, that’s awkward.

Avec Contemporary French Bistro – There’s something about France that screams romance. So if you’re not able to fly your lady to Paris for the week why not bring the city of love to you? Order the duck confit, or the braised beef bourguignon with a couple glasses of french wine and she’ll be back to telling you “j’adore” in no time.

Kensington Riverside Inn – Riverside Inn is the kind of place that has that special evening ambiance. You’ve probably ran past it in Prince’s Island Park and seen that magical patio vibe that makes you want to check it out. With the kinds of views this venue offers, your sweetie won’t be able to stay mad for long.

Alloy  – Alloy has that special feel that’s made for an apology. The food is always ready for a close up, and the big comfortable booths are perfect for canoodling after your make up.

The Living Room – Think cozy ambiance, amazing patio, wine pairings, prime location, and to top it off, free parking. A night out at The Living Room will make up for that slip up.

Model Milk – Model Milk has a cocktail list that will leave you inspired. Check out the fresh space on your next date for a great drink list and small plates and bar snacks. Stay longer for a diner that will wow your date, and they’ll forget what you’re sorry for.

The Ladybug Bakery & Espresso bar – The Ladybug Cafe is bright and sunny, and so full of french delicacies, espresso, and gorgeous lighter meals that you will undoubtedly have a memorable date. Take a drive to beautiful Aspen and spoil your date with this one.

I’m Sorry Gifts:

I’m sorry gifts aren’t about buying your way out, they’re about showing effort and a willingness to make up for what you’ve done. Bigger is not better in this case. Pay attention to what your date loves and get something accordingly.

Market Collective – Market Collective is an independent event that showcases local artists and artisans throughout the year. It’s the perfect place to pick up a thoughtful, handmade, personalized gift for your date. Mark the next event on your calendar and support local.

I’m Sorry Spa Treatments:

Everybody likes to be spoiled, so spoil your date with some spa time. Depending on how sorry you are, they may need it – your call.

Newbury Spa – Nothing helps get over a bad spell like some pampering. Send your date for some solo spa time time, or go as a couple and get zen together.

Leela Eco Spa – Nothing says “I’m sorry” like smoothing out those kinks with a couples massage at Leela Eco Spa. Go ahead – indulge in your relationship and even better – get yourself out of trouble with a calming, invigorating massage with your significant other. They may even get so relaxed that they might forget why they were mad in the first place.

I’m Sorry Treats:

If bae is into treats, pick up something special. Show some effort in this department and your hunny with a sweet tooth will swoon.

Ollia Macaron & Tea – If you’re going to buy ‘I’m Sorry’ treats, they may as well be the most beautiful confections in town. Ollia Macarons & Tea can make anyone smile with delight, no matter what the circumstance.

Fiasco Gelato – While you can’t buy bae’s happiness, you CAN buy them gelato, and that’s pretty darn close. With flavours like Salted Hazelnut, Fig Cheesecake, and Frozen Hot Chocolate from Fiasco, your sweetie will be back to giving you the googly eyes in no time.


I’m Sorry Cards:

It’s always nice to put it in writing. And if you’re no Shakespeare, pick up a card with some wit. Write your message inside with a heartfelt tone, and you’re good to go.

Little Me Paper Co. – Little Me Paper Co makes beautiful, hand painted cards with cheeky puns and illustrations. They’re heartfelt and sure to make your date smile.

I’m Sorry Flowers: 

Classic, easy, always appreciated. One hint though, try to pick out something specific that your date is into.

Blue Hydrangea Floral Boutique – You can never go wrong with a beautiful assortment of flowers to show how you feel. Blue Hydrangea Floral Boutique will create an arrangement so beautiful, your date won’t even remember what you’re sorry for.

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