The Candy Store Date

If bae has a sweet tooth, there is no better place to date. There is no chance of having a bad time at a candy store.

Freak Lunchbox

Freak Lunchbox has pretty much every candy you could ever want. Nostalgic, new, weird, anything you’re looking for, they’ve got it. Peruse, choose candy together, and get sweet with your date at this crazy, fun store.

The Candy Kid

The Candy Kid is full of barrels of saltwater taffy, and racks of all kinds of candy, nostalgic and new. Get your sugar rush and then stay for some tea at Red Bush Tea & Coffee Company. It’s a cozy little shop with retail tea, coffee, and candy in the front of the shop, and a seating area in the back.

Gummi Boutique

Candy is definitely not just for kids. The Gummi Boutique will get you and your date sugared up while choosing your favourite candies from the past and present. From Pop Rocks, to bulk bins, to sodas, you will not be disappointed.

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