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Too often we hear the phrase ‘eating healthy is too expensive’ or ‘there are too many ingredients in healthy recipes.’ Introducing the simple solution: Namo Cafe & Bistro. Using only organic, all-natural ingredients with no added refined sugars, fillers, preservatives or artificial flavours, Namo is your one-stop shop for delicious coffee, healthy meals at all hours of the day and at-home smoothie options.

With an intention to simplify wellness, this cafe opened with the idea to combine all the necessary superfoods into a single delicious, portable, easy-to-use package. Whether you’re a busy mom, professional, student, athlete, or let’s be real – HUMAN-BEING, Namo Cafe’s ‘blend boosters’ are a huge time- and life-saver. Enriched with turmeric, matcha, chia, maca, goji berries, acai, dried berries and so much more, all these smoothie balls require is a piece of fruit, ice-water and blender to complete the meal at home.

Visit Namo Cafe for their lunch, brunch and delicious dinner hours.

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