Kensington Riverside Inn

Riverside Inn and their restaurant Oxbow is the kind of place that has that special evening ambiance. You’ve probably ran past it in Prince’s Island Park and seen that magical patio vibe that makes you want to check it out. With the kinds of views this venue offers, your sweetie won’t be able to stay mad for long.

At Oxbow, they want you to indulge in the art of good food. The restaurant chooses to play with their menu, bending traditional comforts with creativity and skill – that’s just how art is made. This imaginative take on simple, good food is prepared with local, seasonal, Canadian ingredients, letting you appreciate dining as it was meant to be… honestly uncomplicated.

Meander through the course of your day and anchor here. Whether it’s snacks to savour as you sip in the comfort of our vibrant lobby lounge, an intimate meal to share amongst family in their dining room… or something uniquely in between. Oxbow will bend to suit your tempo.

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