clear float spa

Experience lightness of mind and body.

Experience a profound relaxation of the body and mind with clear float spa. Allow yourself to escape and focus on whatever is most important to your well-being while floating in high-desnity saltwater. Your float is entirely customizable, with in-float guided meditations or music and lighting of your choice allowing you to truly let go of your stress and anxiety.

Floating in high-density saltwater and cut off from the sights and sounds of the outside world, your body is allowed an escape from all external pressures as you rejuvenate and heal in the float pod. Blood flow improves immensely. Essential minerals nourish your system. Your mind becomes clear and new perspectives unfold as endorphins flood through you.

The experience is entirely personalized and customizable, with in-float guided meditations or music and lighting of your choosing you can truly let go of all stress or anxiety.

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  1. I wouldn't float anywhere else

    Best float place in Calgary by far! If you are at all anxious about floating, then make sure this is the first place you try floating. They ask you to arrive early so they can walk you through it so you feel comfortable from the start. The tea and the zen room for after your float is also necessary and welcomed after floating. It is something everyone should try at least once, or even better, try it twice because it does take a little getting used to at first.

  2. It's like dream vacation for your heart, mind, and soul.

    clear float spa is more than just a place to relax. It is a place where you go to express gratitude for yourself, to reflect on the appreciation you have for your life, and where you always feel the return of kindness from the staff and other floaters who have entered into the community that Bryce has brought together. A community where each of its members are encouraged to explore their thoughts and feelings, and to become mindful of their surroundings – be it their peers, their environment, or simply the silence around them. clear float spa is a refreshing taste of simplicity, and a much needed reminder that sometimes all you need to make yourself happy is a chance to let go and just breathe.

    Unlike other float spas, clear float spa has put additional thought, heart and effort into more than just the floating aspect. With complimentary tea/kombucha, individual and genuine notes to clients, a zen room for post float reflections, and a community library that encourages members to be consistent in their practice of mindfulness, as they are exposed to new and shared books that allow them to borrow a piece of the spa each time they visit. I really can’t think of another place in our city that does as much to create such an experience for their clients. Not just on your first visit, but every visit.

    Whether you are new to floating or have floated before but are looking for a deeper meditative experience that comes with a sense of community and belonging.. clear float spa is the place go!

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