5 New Restaurants in Ottawa for Date Night

These 5 new restaurants in Ottawa are perfect for date night this fall! We want to make sure you know about the latest restaurants and cafes that have popped up around the city. Whether you’re into carefully curated cocktails or feeling as though you’ve been transported to a different continent food wise, we’ve compiled a […]

What to Do When You’ve Been Ghosted

If you have swiped right or left on the dating apps EVER, chances are you have been ghosted. Here is our 5-step ghosting recovery plan when the frustration sets in and you’re left on read.

What To Pair With That Bubbly You Popped For Datenight

woman holding champagne glass

Sparkling wine is associated with many things: weddings, New Year’s Eve, promotions, and anything that deserves to “pop a bottle.” But with the pretty reasonable price point, there’s no saying you can’t make bubbly a date night regular. Majorly impress your date with the knowledge of these food and sparkling wine pairings (plus, it’s a […]

5 Trails with Scenic Lookouts Around Ottawa

We are so fortunate to be surrounded by so much natural beauty here in the nation’s capital. There is no shortage of trails, hikes, and viewpoints to explore year round. All of this natural beauty is even more outstanding during the upcoming fall season! As the days get shorter and temperatures drop, vibrant colours can […]

Your Next Date Night Needs To Be at Mati Restaurant

Have you ever walked down Preston Street and caught yourself staring at Mati restaurant from the outside? Well, we don’t blame you for that! This restaurant is always fully booked and has an interior that is somehow more beautiful than its exterior. If you love stunning spaces, tasty cocktails, and incredible food then continue reading […]

Top 5 Orchards to Visit Near Ottawa This Fall

Apple orchard during the fall season. Many apples have naturally fallen to the ground.

Fall is just around the corner! We are super excited for everything that autumn brings. This includes one of our favourite fall dates: apple picking. Ottawa has a ton of apple orchards around it which can make deciding which one to visit a little intimidating. We hope that our list of the top 5 orchards […]

The Perfect Itinerary for Wakefield, Quebec

This image highlights the scenic walk along the river in the small town of Wakefield during the fall season.

Fall is just around the corner and here at Date Night we are super excited to start planning getaways to see the fall foliage! First up on our list of getaways is Wakefield. We have come up with the perfect itinerary for Wakefield, Quebec, which is a small and charming town 25 minutes away from […]

How to Have the Perfect Solo Date in Ottawa

The famous Ottawa sign in the Byward Market during the day.

Is it just us, or did we go from being hermits during lockdown to super social creatures since the province re-opened?! It’s more important now than ever that we make time for ourselves! This is our guide on how to have the perfect solo date in Ottawa that will leave you feeling both enlightened but […]

More RTD Sips to Try Before Summer Ends

When that really hot summer weather rolls in, there’s nothing like cracking open a summer drink (can or bottle) to enjoy all of the sun and heat we can before the inevitable cold months. If you’ve hopped on the seltzer train, or love refreshing versions of old favourites, there’s sure to be a summer drink […]

Get Ready for Date Night with BeWea’s Sustainable Products

Date nights are ritualistic and we believe everyday life can be also. From getaway destinations to something as simple as our shopping destinations, we think it’s important to infuse our days with experiences that have an authentic feel about them. One unique shopping experience that’s we’ve recently discovered is an Ontario-based, curated e-marketplace called BeWea.  […]