How To Make New Friends, You’re Welcome

How do you make friends and meet new dates in this city? That’s where Calgary Sport and Social Club comes in.


How many times have you downloaded Bumble BFF just to delete and then download it again? Tinder isn’t working and trying to sit at the cool table has been harder than just wearing pink on Wednesdays. So how do you make friends and meet new dates in this city? That’s where Calgary Sport and Social Club comes in. Think of it like a friend blind date, except it’s not awkward because you get to play sports at the same time. Healthy and social? Sounds like a win-win to us.

The first step in a blossoming relationship, friend or bae, is finding common ground. CSSC has fifteen sports for you to choose from, so you know you’ll be hanging out with people that love badminton or soccer just as much as you do. It’s not about being the best or the competition, it’s about having fun and making friends with people that value being healthy and active. Turns out you don’t have to go out for drinks every Friday, you can get your sweat on instead.

You don’t have to show up alone though, you can sign up with a couple of your besties and meet people to add to your group. It’s easy to sign up – head to the website and register yourself or your team. Create team shirts, a team name and have some fun with it. What’s even better is the CSSC has exclusive deals at specific bars that you can go to after to discuss the game or just for a little team bonding.

Just because Drake is in to no new friends, doesn’t mean you can’t add to your Facebook list. Change things up on your weekends, pick your fave sport and sign up for CSSC. We guarantee you’ll have fun, feel better about being healthy and maybe even get a new bestie or date out of it.



Rachel Antony

Rachel is a native Calgarian deeply in love with our beautiful city. Always on the hunt for the best tacos, donuts, and lattes this city has to offer, Rachel is a foodie with an affection for the fit life. Her love of food holds hands with her love for all things fitness; spin, lifting, boxing, hot yoga, snowboarding, hiking – try and keep up.