Gift ideas for every YYC Dad

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Written by Sunjeev Prasad

Your date is with Dad this weekend.

Let’s be honest. When it comes to shopping too many of us wait until the last minute and scramble to find our loved ones a gift that truly reflects our appreciation for them.

With less than a handful of days to go before Father’s Day, we decided to save you the headache of frantically bolting from store to store. We’ve compiled a list of gift ideas for all the different Dads in the city.

For the sporty Dad:

A lightweight alternative to chunky mountain bikes, a fixie (fixed gear) is a great way to get around town, cruise around their neighborhood, or to make a quick run to a nearby market. If this Dad works downtown, it can also serve as a new summer commute to work! This bike seen below can be found at Bike Bike.

For the Dad who has everything:

It’s near impossible to find a gift for the father who already has everything. Your best bet would be to create a memorable experience like tickets to a game or taking him out for dinner to a new venue. Think of the classic man drinks. Try Bar C for an Old Fashioned, National to try different craft beers, or Buchanan’s for scotch. Want to spend the night at home sipping? Head the Vine Arts for a great selection.

Bar C Bar C

For chef Dad:

Let’s assume that your dad already has his BBQ dialed. A great gift idea (which will also benefit your stomach) is to step his outdoor cooking game up by getting him a meat smoker. Enhance your meals with the mouth-watering flavors like mesquite, cedar, and maple sugar. Check out plenty of sexy smokers at Barbeques Galore!

For tech-nerd Dad:

For those of you with the cool dad that has better toys than you do, it can be difficult to find a gadget that will meet his standards.  Thankfully, the world of technology is constantly is growing. This product is a double hitter. The iSmartAlarm Home Security System will satisfy his hunger for new technology and help keep the family safe. You can snag it at the apple store, obviously!

For the dapper Dad:

This is for the dad that seems to dress better than you and your friends do. He’s always on point, takes fashionable risks but it never seems out of place, and you’re always seeking his fashion advice. He’s also an old-school badass, and needs something to complete his look. Skip the classic cigar gift and opt for a tobacco pipe. These can be found at Sheffield and Sons (plenty locations around the city) and are available at every price point.