Break the ice and “Date Yourself”

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Written by Andrea Marston

A comedy show that brought a smile to my face, and landed me a date!

It’s “date” night. As a chubby, glasses-wearing, racially ambiguous woman of 31 – I am not terribly familiar with this concept. I spent most of my teens and about half of my twenties sitting at home living vicariously through sitcom dates and through my friends’ adventures out in the land of dating.

Years later, I grew restless of being cooped up at the office and spending nights in my apartment. I then made the official declaration to “date myself”.

I started doing things that really tickled my fancy, even if that meant doing those things alone. I traveled, I ate at fancy restaurants, I went to movies and art galleries, and then this past winter I decided to start going out to comedy shows. I am terribly passionate about comedy, especially when it comes to Calgary’s rich improvisation community. It is a spontaneous, exciting, honest and positively joyful art form that I discovered in junior high. I have also been taking a few classes here and there.

Even though I had gotten the hang of taking myself to restaurants and movie theatres, I was worried that the awkwardness of sitting alone in a theatre audience would be too much to handle…but I was wrong. The energy of the shows and the humour found in the scenarios being created instantly distracted me from the fact that I was sitting in the middle of an audience, alone. Plus, the group of people that perform and attend these shows is extremely warm and welcoming. In fact, my solo status really pushed me to strike up conversations that I might have not of if I had gone with a friend. And because of those conversations, I have made friends with so many people as passionate about comedy as I am.

So…after about six months of dating myself, I actually got asked out on a real date.

I had the bright idea to break the ice with him the same way I had with myself. I took my date to a comedy show called “Date Yourself”. We had a bit of a strained conversation to begin with, but as soon as the show started, our date changed. “Date Yourself” is performed by two improvisers who literally date themselves. The talented Mat Mailandt and Laura Tennisco, from the improv troupe “Obviously Improv”, offer a uniquely quirky perspective on how women and men date. My date and I laughed at all the same parts of the performance and sure enough, thanks of my old friend comedy, the ice was broken and we sailed our way to a few more dates.

So, whether you want to date yourself or another, may I suggest checking out “Date Yourself” at the wonderfully delicious and unique Café Koi on June 18th at 8pm. Laughter is not just the best medicine but a pretty solid aphrodisiac too.