Sled Island

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Sled Island…full steam ahead!

Nothing is going to sink Calgary’s most anticipated cultural festival this year.

Ahoy, it’s almost Sled Island time! We love this annual festival of the arts. This four-day fest of good times, good vibes and good tunes is entering the eighth year and we couldn’t be more excited! It’s also the first year since the Alberta floods, which had a massive effect on the scheduling, sales and attendance of last year’s events.

We love to watch the culture of the festival create an amazing energy in the city. This is the time to abandon all that is corporate about urban life and embrace all that is artistic. Featuring more than 250 acts, (plenty of which are local or Canadian!) there is everything from music, comedy, film and art displays. In other words – it’s a playground for every type of perfect date.

We all know that the tatted-up gym junkies love their electronic music festivals. We also know how crazy the beer-chugging country fans get at Big Valley Jamboree. Don’t even get us started on the hipster-fashion show that Coachella has become. The nice thing about Sled Island is there isn’t a dominant style, age or taste to the event – it’s legitimately a collection of everyone and anyone coming together to enjoy the beauty of art in all forms. Maybe you choose to attend more of the rock shows than the rap shows, or less of the comedy and more of the art shows – but there’s still something for everyone. This event isn’t limiting or intimidating in the slightest. It’s a celebration, come one – come all!

Events run all day and throughout the evening from June 18th to June 22nd.  Another bonus? The festival is date-friendly, because you can buy tickets to individual performances without having to commit to a four-day pass. However, if you and your hunny both have passes – you have just bought yourselves 4 days of unlimited possibilities for fun and lively dates! Check out the different pass rates and sales information here.

Check back to get updates on what we are loving about Sled Island and the cool events that have been planned for this year.

Want to get prepped and have a preview of this year’s acts? Visit the Sled Island website to listen to a live stream of this year’s performers!

Happy Island-ing, Calgary!