The Juicing Diaries: Entry 1

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It’s Date Night Creator Mandy Balak is trying out something new.


Running a website that promotes going out to eat and experience the best of the city certainly has its perks, but it can be pretty hard on my body.

I have traded home made salads and pre-portioned fitness meals to restaurant prepared entrees and snacks.

All in the name of research…. I am working for YOU Calgary!

My 4L’s of water has turned into a few glasses of wine or several cups of coffee and I am definitely feeling the results. While I am a foodie and I love to try new things, I am in need of a reset. A little break from the culinary scene to take care of my bod. Summer is coming after all.

I am a big fan of cleansing when feeling a little over indulgent. It’s a great break and helps get back on track to moderation land… wherever that is.

I recently met the boys at Well Juicery– Calgary’s first cold pressed juice delivery. These guys have a great concept and it’s something that is really missing here in Calgary. Everyone loves juicing but the at-home DIY process sucks if you’re busy. The boys are looking for a place to set up shop right now but are pumping out juice for pop ups around the city and home delivery. Seemed like a great opportunity to do a cleanse and check out some fellow YYC entrepreneurs product!

Spring is finally here and I am in need of some spring cleaning. Time to step into a new season with fresh energy and a lighter step.

So, I embark on a 3 day juice cleanse.

I fear my body may shut down and my instagram account may self destruct.

Day 1

Hit spin class on empty and was very excited for my morning juice after!

Jeff dropped off my order to me, six bottles of juice per day, that’s it. I’m looking forward to not having to make decisions around meal time. Think of the time I’ll save!

I chugged the morning greens and felt an immediate buzz.

Alright, let’s do this.

I had 6 meetings back to back, high off my juice buzz. I felt slightly hungry but very efficient.

11 am, more juice. Zing.

1pm I was really jealous of everyone eating their lunch in my office. I smelt pizza, I heard crunching. WHY am I doing this?

Everyone is annoying.

Keep calm. Think of your bikini.

2pm more juice

4:30 I need peanut butter. Peanut butter is like juice right? I talked myself down from that edge but had almost justified a few spoonfuls. No. Not juice.

6:30 I have a meeting at CRAFT. Complimentary booze and appetizers. My favourites-tuna poke, flatbread with hummus and white wine is flowing. Sh*t. Staying strong.

8pm more juice.

10pm heat up my last bottle of the day. It’s a delicious almond milk, date, cinnamon creation ….. like a warm hug.

Made it. Day 1 down.