Industry Confessions: Letter 2

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“Styrofoam Cup” 


I think our conversation about relationships is indicative to getting older and now our decisions are beginning to be ones that will effect our lives. To address my “advice” presented to you 6 months ago it is true, that was said. It was said for two reasons.

1) That was the unhealthy state my mind and soul were in. Alcohol fucks with your state of mind and cocaine brings out the I, the I and ego to level that you feel that you kicked superman in the balls and not break your foot.

2) Your desire for new and shiny was so great that it seemed like the thing you needed to do. However, we’re still talking about it so I have to acknowledge that if it was that bad you would have changed it by now.

I think that there is an underlying issue within yourself that needs to be addressed and I feel that the frustration that you feel in your relationship is really a reflection of your own self and not necessarily your girlfriend. I think that is the issue that I am trying to convey first and foremost.

Perhaps your relationship could be great if you were in the right place. That said, I have to acknowledge the fact that it is clear as a bottle of water taken from the villagers supply only to be sold back to them, that by you expressing the desire to pin your models up on the walls, while you fuck the shit out of them and contemplate whether or not it would be appropriate for you to stick your finger in her ass while she tells you she’s never done anything like this before.

If your desire was to meet someone else of great value or in fact you need time for yourself, I think that those are healthy reasons to move on. Wanting to bang bitches in the bathroom stall while doing cocaine off your dick is not. Definitely that should be grounds for you to dismiss the relationship but also insight that it is fallacious to think that it is healthy or of value. So I ask you why is the “shift change” still in the equation?

The fibers that weave in our society have become the disposable notion that everything can be replaced. Keep it for a while or use it once and get rid of it. We have become the knock off designer purse but we pay full price.

It always amazes me that when I drive by a used car lot that there is so many great cars. There is an entire market based around people ridding around in perfectly used working cars. Its not like the cars are shit. In fact your dream car is most likely sitting on a used car lot because some asshole with too much money decided he needed the upgraded version or that he liked it better in black.

How can a person, who once purchased what they deemed their dream car, in only a short period of time have no use for it? Our society is fucked, we’re not looking for things that are real and it is destroying our relationships, our perspective and our lives.

I am looking for real and real cannot be found in the way I was living. Women are responding to our disposable existence in the most chaotic ways.

Girls who have great genetics no longer just desire to stay fit they are looking at themselves and seeing what needs to be fixed. Extensions, injections, nails, tucks, implants and lifts are the adaptation of women to our perverse society.

When you take away all the operations and procedures what are you left with? A shell of a person that once was? Are real tits really that bad that we needed to change them? Basically we are just not healthy and if we’re not healthy, we need to find the bridge that will get us to help and enviably to safety.

Has my behavior helped me? Perhaps in the most fucked up ways like when you drink too much and do a line so you can drive home. If you ask a heroin addict that “was saved”, I am pretty sure he credits God and not the heroine for where he ended up.

I realized that a relationship for me is a new mountain! But I am climbing it in the proper mindset and with the right equipment rather than bucking back an 8 ball and slamming Jack Daniels, looking up and saying ‘I am going to climb that bitch’.

Wanting to drink from the fountain of life is understandable, but filling your cup with water provided from all the women in the village it is not the right approach.

Women are different from Men and women are a whole lot of crazy! I don’t understand, and in my experience it’s just a matter of time before you find yourself in a position (usually the helicopter) of receiving tainted water that will poison the collected water of life.