Things that make Women less Lady-like

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We admit, most of our blog posts are powered by estrogen. We try and help out our male buddies with simple tips to get the girl. But us chicks need a reality check every once and a while. A healthy dose of male perspective can be just the thing.

5 Things That Make Women Less LadyLike

James Michael Samp

I’ve been challenged. Each article I write about how men should act, I am challenged by those who call it “wildly sexist” and tell me that I would be obliterated by society if I were to write something similar about women.

Challenge accepted.

As a man, I write from the male perspective. This is why I typically write how I feel that men should act, because they are standards that I have chosen to hold myself to. But of course, I am equally aware that the modern-day female is much different than those in the past and some men question if they are “worthy” of the respect and chivalrous acts which I encourage.

I feel that every person should be respected as a human being, but certain popular trends make me curious about how our future generations will be raised.

They call themselves a “bad bitch.”

I can’t stand this term. I even hate writing it. Worse, I hate women referring to themselves in this way. Why does anyone actually want to be a bitch, let alone a “bad bitch?” If the girls of our generation think that this makes them sound more authoritative and respectable, well, it doesn’t.

A true gentleman will choose a good woman over a bad bitch, any day.

They have truck driver mouth.

Sure, when you’re in the comfort of your own home or around friends, the gloves come off in terms of language (though there are still some words I’d never say), but when typing tweets or status updates, even I get taken aback by some of the words that girls use these days.

The irony of it is that I was raised to do my best not to swear around women, and now they do it more than I do.

They talk about fighting other girls (and do it).

What? When did women become the new high school boys? With so much talk about drama and fights at clubs all over Facebook, if I blocked out the person’s name I probably couldn’t tell if the post was coming from a guy or a girl.

Keep it classy, ladies – no need to fight.

All they want to do is get “TURNT UP!”

First of all, what are you turning up? Secondly, is “turned” so hard to type? A well-rounded lady is attractive to a man who wants something serious – not someone who just wants to party multiple times a week. By all means, have your fun, we’ve all been there! But don’t complain about not being able to find a steady boyfriend.

They pay more attention to their appearance than their attitude.

Class is not a matter of style. It is not a matter of the price tag on your outfit. Class is in how you carry yourself, how you present yourself, and how you treat other people. One cannot be considered “classy” simply due to how they dress – it’s a matter of what you exude from within. Man or woman.