Il Sogno

If you know...oh, you know. Il Sogno is a hidden gem sitting pretty in Bridgeland. They take residence in a refurbished historic building giving it it's modern Italian charm. Il Sogno is upscale Italian and is our pick for a celebration date, a classy dinner party or just a memorable dining experience. This is where you go with someone special because you'll savour the experience together every time you go back. The room is small but warm and bursting with energy. The menu has plenty of delicious Italian inspiration-not just pasta. I'd recommend starting with the beet salad to get the palate warmed up, then the lamb meatballs and the pork belly for a main (although- I was staring pretty hard at the gnocci or the tenderloin). Whatever you Two words. Chocolate soufflé.



Il Sogno
24 4th Street NE


Private Dining, Happy Hour

Suggested Dates

The Romantic Date
The Celebration Date
The Casual Date
The Happy Hour Date