Your Guide to Toning Down That Awful (Stampede) Hangover

Written by: Alexandra Philps

Hit Stampede a little too hard? Don't let a hangover ruin your Stampede events - start with prevention, or just skip right to the cure. 

July 6th rolls around – it’s Sneak-a-Peek, the first unofficial day of Stampede week. You weren’t planning on going out, but you did anyways. You wake up Friday, and that 8 AM corporate brunch is sounding extra miserable. We get it – runaways happen, hangovers don’t have to. Check out these tips below to keep your headaches at bay and your event sched full.

Step one is to try and PREVENT the hangover:

Stick to one type of drink

You’ve heard this one before, and probably tested it a few times. Boring yes, but also V beneficial.

Eat the damn pancakes

Not a breakfast person? Fine, but try and take a few bites at the flapjack BBQ. Drinking on an empty stomach will NOT feel good during or after your boozy brunch. Going for breakfast post drinking will ease your hangover. Order that extra greasy bacon to soak up those 2 AM tequila shots.

Don’t drink

Worth it? Maybe not, but it’s the only thing that 100% works and your friends will love your new DD title.

Ignored all of the above and feeling like a bag of garbage? These should help:


Kombucha is all the hippy rage right now – you can get it almost anywhere in a bottle or on tap. Why does it work? Kombucha is full of antioxidants, electrolytes (bye bye Powerade), and immunity boosters! Yes please to all of the above. Try the ginger flavor for extra stomach settling. 

Just hydrate

Kombucha, juice, coconut water, bottled water, tap water – whatever you’re into works, just drink up. Coffee is obviously necessary, but it can add to your dehydration so match each Venti Starbucks with a tall glass of H2O! Drink a ton of water right before you go to sleep too. Put a pre-filled glass beside your bed ahead of time – your lazy, drunk tush will thank you.

All the (natural) supplements

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Try a natural detoxing supplement like NAC (N-Acetyl L-Cysteine), or MSM powder (sulfur) to cleanse out your late night drinks.

Good luck fam, you got this.