5 Reasons to Check Out Oktoberfest


On September 22rd & 23rd you’ll find us down at the Big Four Building at Stampede Park working our way through all the beer, deciphering which one is our favourite. Sound like fun? Join us as well celebrate the community and beer, of course. The fun event will feature many craft breweries, and authentic Bavarian breweries and food, along with authentic Oktoberfest music, dancers, games. Not convinced? Here are five MORE reasons you need to check out Oktoberfest.

  1. You Like Beer. If that’s not a good enough reason to go to a beer festival, then we don’t know what is. There will be over 30 craft breweries set up handing out full-size pints (8oz or 16oz which means there will be plenty of brews that you’ll like. The real struggle will be figuring out how you’re going to try all of them in two days.

  2. You’ve Never Been. What do you mean you’ve never been to Oktoberfest?! You haven’t experienced a beer festival until you’ve been to this one - gather up your beer drinking besties and head down there. You’re in for a night (or two) of wild shenanigans and noteworthy cold ones.

  3. Switch Up Date Night. Kick the cliche dinner and movie to the curb and take your date on a beer-fueled adventure. Don’t worry about awkward silences, you’ll have plenty to talk about; what beers you do or don’t like, how your beer pairs with the food and sipping on said beer while people-watching.

  4. You Need Weekend Plans. Stop spending your Friday nights Googling something to do the next day, we’ve got you covered. Plus, your friends will thank you for being on top of things and organizing a fun weekend for the whole group - tell them they owe you a beer.

  5. You Like Having a Good Time. Who doesn’t? Oktoberfest guarantees good memories and stories to talk about on Monday morning at work. What else would you expect from an event that brings together like-minded beer lovers to celebrate the craft beer community?

Oktoberfest runs from September 22-23 at the BMO centre. Buy your tickets here.