Falling into Style on a Budget - Part 2

Written by: Kayla Pearcey

Now that the summer air has officially turned crisp we can't help but swoon over all the new fall trends coming to life. Whether you're looking to switch up your home decor to reflect the season or you're looking for new Fall fashion items, Women In Need Society (WINS) has got what you need to be stylish all around. 

This non-profit provides affordable fashion for all — women, men, teens, kids and even your dog! Feel good about what you buy and look good wearing it, all while sticking to your budget. We've partnered with WINS to show you 9 stylish pieces you can find at any WINS store:

WINS_Visual Listicle 2.png
  1. Ceramic oil lamp - $4
  2. Tweed blazer - $15
  3. Honeypot - $3
  4. Cozy blanket - $5
  5. Kid’s corduroy coat - $3
  6. Mugs - $1 each
  7. Men’s sweater - $7
  8. Metal vases - $2 each
  9. Plaid dog coat - $5

Shopping at one of the 5 WINS thrift stores in our city helps Calgary women and their families. Visit their website to find more information on how you can help support. Happy thrifting!