5 Reasons You Need to be at The Post

Written By: Rachel Antony

Who are the risk takers, earth shakers, and movement makers? They are the people that step out of their comfort zones and make shit happen. They are the people that are making a name for themselves in their industry and inspiring other people to do the same. The Post is a two-day conference bringing together founders, authors, entrepreneurs, CEO’s, CMO’s to chat about the latest marketing topics and business innovation tactics.


If you haven’t bought your tickets yet, here are five reasons why you need to be at The Post:

1. Network with Bad Ass People

Grow your community and contact list with the rad repertoire of people that will be at the conference. Especially if you’re starting your own business or are looking for advice from the veterans, a conference focused on influencing and disrupting industries is the perfect place to make your business stand out and grow. From the speakers to CEOs to the person sitting next to you, you never know what you’ll learn and what opportunities will come from the people you get to chat with. Bring your business cards and your best business questions and be ready for some thought provoking, game changing conversations.

2. Learn About New Ideas

What do you get when you fill a room with leaders, dreamers, and doers? An explosion of new ideas, thoughts, and ways to shake things up. There won’t be a dull moment and you’ll leave the conference with a new appreciation for brainstorming, discussing and spit balling. What are the latest tactics in content marketing? How will a podcast help your business? Why does your brand need to evolve? From listening to the keynote speakers to fireside discussions and connection breaks – there will be no shortage of new ideas floating around the room. Take advantage of the unlimited resources and open your mind to new possibilities to change your industry, business and the world.

3. Grow Your Business

Take those new connections and new ideas and apply them to your own business. Whether it’s a start-up or you're the top management of a large firm, there is no better time than the present to expand, grow and evolve. There may be a speaker in the same industry as you, or someone with a similar business model – you can listen to their story and apply their advice to your own business. Whether you find more clients, a business to team up with or just more support, The Post is the perfect place to let your curiosity and motivation run wild.

4. Develop Your Skills

Hear from the keynote speakers themselves on how they found success in their businesses, what their best advice is and what tools you need to take your business to the next level. Day 2 of The Post is a day full of hands-on Labs where you can take what you heard the day before and put it to action. Led by industry experts and inspiring insiders to guide you through topics from top digital marketing technology to content, creativity, messaging and more. Develop skills like digital storytelling, creating a podcast, marketing tools and how to position your brand and business for success.

5. Hear from Game Changing Speakers

The list is still growing, but one scroll through the current list and you’ll want to buy your tickets ASAP. Founders, CEO’s, CMO’s, leaders, doers and disruptors from across North America join forces under one roof to bring you a full day of digital marketing strategy and business advice. The speakers from across the country have stories from the most notable startups, digital strategies, and social campaigns and have made a name for themselves. Names like Joanna Track, Georgia Sapounas, Mark Groves and Bentley Coplin will be at the podium during the conference. They are here to give you a look into their marketing, business and entrepreneurial success.

See you there game changers! #ThePost2017