Folk in the Field - Not Just Folk

Experiencing a little Folk Fest withdrawal? Us too. Good thing the people behind Folk Fest have teamed up with Big Rock Brewery, West Meridian Media and Six Degrees Audio for a special project. Folk in the Field is a collection of live field recordings around iconic spots in Calgary and it showcases the diversity, talent and locations from the Folk Festival. The acoustic recordings celebrate both new and old artists from across different genres that have defined what music has become for our city.



From rooftops, to backyards to abandoned car washes to the 10th St surf break - we’ve scoped out the coolest, most unique spots in Calgary to professionally record these must-hear artists. With more than 33 videos coming down the pipeline, we can’t help but double check the website for a new release - check out the first field video they recorded of Scenic Route to Alaska to see what we’re talking about.

Like what you see? We thought so. Other artists that have their field videos released so far include The Dead South, Jenn Grant, Michael Bernard Fitzgerald and Lisa LeBlanc to name a few. It’s not just folk, because you’re not just folk. Stay tuned for the other noteworthy field recordings coming your way.

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