Yoncé Yoga: Instructor Feature

Okay yogis, now let’s get in formation - Yoncé Yoga is coming to Earl Grey Park on Saturday, August 26th and you need to be there. Get ready to slay the morning away with an instructor who matches the fierceness of Queen Bey herself.

Introducing... The babe who will be leading us through an hour long flow class, Adriana Britton. You may have to come to know Adriana in the community already as she is well-connected within the fitness industry around Calgary. Her current home studio is Junction 9 in Inglewood, teaching 3-5 times a week. Adriana is a light-hearted teacher and has had yoga (and Beyonce) in her life for almost 20 years. For her, practice is a tool to get strong, to heal and to connect. She pushes students to be critical thinkers when it comes to their poses and their bodies. Also, she encourages them to laugh at themselves (or her). Because let's face it, life's too short to have a resting work out face, right? 

Fun Fact #1:  Adriana taught herself how to twerk using YouTube tutorials... and lots of wine. 
Fun Fact #2: Adriana CAN'T WAIT to bust out a few famous Bey moves on the mat!

Obviously, you need to be part of this magical class Adriana is teaching later this month. Round your girls and let's all channel our inner Beyoncé. #Namaslay

Want to connect with Adriana before she puts your peaches to work? Follow her on social, @adrianasbritton @barrewestyyc (Barre West is her Barre Fitness program & teacher training launching in the fall).