5 Things Everyones Talking About This Week

Written By: Rachel Antony

From Tim Horton's price hike to NASA's new job opening, here's what everyone's talking about this week. 

1. Tim's Horton's Price Increase

Restaurant Brands International - the company that owns Tim Horton's and other chain restaurants like Burger King and Popeyes announced lower profits in the last quarter ending June 30. As of yesterday, Tim's raised its price of hot beverages and breakfast menu items causing a dramatic outrage on the internet. The last price hike was in 2014 by 10 cents and this increase is very similar. Is your loyalty to your double-double strong enough to see past this increase? RBI also announced it has entered into a joint venture agreement to bring Timmy's to Spain, expanding the international reach of donuts and coffee. 



2. NASA is Hiring

if you're looking for a new job, NASA has opened a new position: planetary protection officer. If that's not the coolest job title ever, you'll be happy to know that the pay is decent, a salary between $124,000 to $187,000. The job entails you protecting the Earth from aliens and protecting other planets from us. Catharine Conley was formerly in this position, has done her due-diligence to adhere to a 50-year-old international treaty that sets the standards for "preventing biological contamination outside of Earth and safeguarding the planet’s biosphere from any alien life." Our visits to Mars have been controlled, decontaminated and ensured the nothing was disturbed on the planet. There was no discussion of what qualifies you for the job.

3. LA to Host 2028 Summer Olympics

After both Paris and Los Angeles bid for the 2024 Olympic games, LA has walked away ready to host the 2028 games, and Paris will be the host for 2024. Even though both countries wanted the 2024 slot, there must have been significant financial benefit for LA to agree to host in 2028 instead. The funds contributed by the IOC will support the extended planning period as well as youth sports programs leading up to the Games. This will be the third time LA has had the Olympics held in the city; previously the Games have been held in 1932 and 1984. Paris and LA are now united in support of the Olympic cause and will stand together to help the Games thrive when their time comes. 

4. CRISPR Gene Editing

According to a study published on Wednesday, for the first time in history, scientists have successfully edited human genes to repair a common and serious disease-causing mutation. While you won't be seeing this practice in clinical use anytime soon, it's a major breakthrough for us. The hope is that one day we will be able to protect babies from a variety of hereditary conditions. On the flip side, the ethical community will point out that it could also be used to manipulate babies genes for greater intelligence or superior physical traits. Now that the science has been proved, the conservation about societal issues will need to be started. 

5. Trump's New Immigration Policy

Trump's administration has endorsed a plan that will slash immigration numbers in half. On average, the US hands out about a million green cards, but if the plan is approved, that number will be much less. Many aspects of the plan were influenced by Canada such as the application process based on points for skills and education rather than sponsorship from employers or spouses. As would be expected, the plan will face much opposition from the rest of the government - the Republican lawmakers have already opposed it and there is expected to be harsh criticism from the Democrats. Some people are calling it racist, others think it's unfair but either way, the debate has been started which is what Trump does best.