5 Things Everyones Talking About This Week

Written by: Rachel Antony

From Jay Z's new album to North Korea here's what everyone's talking about this week. 

1. 4:44

50 Cent may think it sounds like "golf course music" but we are obsessed with Jay z's new album. His 13th studio album was released last week and it's been on repeat since. It is available exclusively on Tidal, JAY's streaming service which means most people still haven't heard it, but if you're a subscriber, you'll know that it's worth its already platinum title. There was no lead up to the album dropping, taking a page out of Bey's playbook. He references everything from his elevator argument with Solange to Ciara’s custody battle with ex Future. What we're most excited for? All the gossip that started on Lemonade and is explained on 4:44 - a.k.a Becky with the good hair is back and Jay Z admitted that he did, in fact, cheat on his wife. The album is a hit, as expected after five years of music silence. Be right back while we subscribe to Tidal. 


2. EU + Japan

The European Union and Japan have agreed on a free trade agreement that, if approved, would lower barriers on virtually all the goods traded between them. This deal was announced yesterday, a day before G20 (which is starting today) sending a bold message to the rest of the world, and to President Trump specifically. Back in March his finance minister declined to endorse a statement in favour free trade. There are still negotiations to be made, but the deal is set to commence in early 2019. The agreement will also build a relationship between the two parties to fight climate change and terrorism. The deal signifies “the world’s largest free, advanced, industrialized economic zone.” 

3. North Korea

After Korea's successful test of an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM), President Trump is not happy with North Korea. He has asked other nations to exert pressure on Pyongyang for thinking that testing Nuclear weapons was okay. In response, Trump says he has "very severe" ideas he's mulling over - whether he will actually act them out, it's hard to say. He hasn't mentioned what they could be, but it's not looking good. Trump is talking about cutting North Korea off from trading with other Nations, but China isn't thrilled about Trump imposing sanctions on Chinese financial institutions. Trump and Putin are also expected to address the North Korean problem at their meeting on Friday at G20. Stay tuned for how the world decides to deal with North Korea and this nuclear situation. 

4. Lauren Conrad's Baby

After much anticipation from The Hills fans, LC and her husband William Tell welcomed their baby boy into the world yesterday. Liam James Tell and his parents are doing great, but Lauren's dogs Fitz and Chloe "aren't too sure" about the newest addition to the family. Lauren already took to Instagram and her blog to announce the birth and to let her fans know that she will be taking time away from her website to focus on her growing family. We're just excited for the increase in cute baby Instagrams to scroll through #goals. 

5. Justin Trudeau's Speech

Albertans are still a bit sensitive about the fact that Justin Trudeau forgot to mention the province in his Canada 150 speech on Parliament Hill. Although he came back on stage shortly later to apologize, "Let me just say I'm a little embarrassed. I got excited somewhere over the Rockies," as well as on Twitter, but Albertans are not ready to forgive and forget. Many critics have even taken it politically personal considering Alberta usually skews more Conservative than Liberal. Mayor Nenshi took to Trudeau's side to say that everyone makes mistakes and there are much bigger issues to be worried about than an innocent blunder in a speech.