EV Long Table: Chef Feature

Written by: Rachel Antony

Calgary’s best chefs are coming together for one great meal along the Bow River in support of Mealshare. East Village Long Table will be the first public event held on the George C. Edward Bridge, St. Patrick’s Island and is a dynamic collaboration between celebrated chefs and food trucks. The evening will be full of good food, great conversation and the community of Calgary. You won’t want to miss these chef collaborations: 

Michael Noble - The Nash & Notable Restaurants + Sharla Swanson - Roadtisserie Truck

Michael Noble is one of Calgary’s most well-known chefs and the genius behind two of Calgary’s top restaurants. His decorated career is worth noting - for more than three decades Noble has been wowing his guests across Canada and Europe, including six years as Executive Chef at Vancouver’s Diva at the Met, an appearance on the Iron Chef, and grabbing the top spot on the inaugural enRoute Magazine Canada’s Best New Restaurants list at Catch in 2000.  

Michael Noble will be partnered with Roadtisserie Truck whose speciality is their marinated rotisserie chicken.

Roy Oh - Anju Restaurant + Parker Morrison - Zilford’s Fried Chicken

Roy Oh is an award-winning chef that has made a name for himself across Canada and is a favourite in the hearts of Calgarians. The humble chef is always elevating diners’ experiences by learning from other great chefs and learning from them. What makes him stand out is his lack of professional training, yet no one would doubt his skill to create beautiful dishes and exquisite tastes. He learned the flavours, textures and techniques of Korean cuisine from his mother starting at a young age. Anju has become a classic dining spot in the city, a proud celebration of Roy’s heritage, that allows Calgarians to experience traditionally-inspired Korean food.

Roy Oh will be partnered with Zilford’s Fried Chicken, a purveyor of Nashville Hot Chicken.

Connie DeSousa & John Jackson - charbar + Teagan & Elycia - Lil’ Truck on the Prairie

Connie DeSousa and John Jackson met back in 1999 when they worked together in Calgary. They soon went their separate ways to grow their culinary skills and knowledge. John studied sausage making at Italy’s Marche and staged at London’s River Café and Paris’ Le Jardindes Cygnes. Connie focused on her butchery skills in Berkeley at Chez Paniesse and staged at New York’s Jean-Georges and San Francisco’s Quince. They reunited in San Francisco opening the prestigious Mobil 5-Star St. Regis Hotel together. Returning to Calgary, they opened their first venture together in 2010. CHARCUT quickly became one of the best restaurants in the city. In 2015, they celebrated the opening of charbar in the East Village Simmons building which also was recognized as one of Calgary’s best new restaurants. There isn’t something that this duo can’t do when it comes to a dining experience.

Connie and John will be partnered with Lil’ Truck on the Prairie who strives to use ethically raised and locally sourced ingredients across their menu.

Mike Pigot - Home & Away + Aaron Bruce - Taiko Taco

Mike Pigot grew up in Abbotsford, BC and started his restaurant career at the age of 16 working at a small fine dining restaurant in his hometown. Mike’s passion for the visual arts and community was the driving force behind his love for working in kitchens and dining rooms. When he decided that Calgary was going to be his home base, he found an opportunity at the flagship location of Moxie’s Bar and Grill. He soon became head chef and oversaw menu development and the creation and testing of new company-wide operating systems. He moved on when he found his calling for detail, development and execution with large corporate restaurant groups. Mike worked with C.A. Restaurant Enterprises starting at Murrieta’s Bar & Grill in 2012. In 2015, he joined the creators of Craft Beer Market, Commonwealth Bar & Stage and the Hifi Club to create Home and Away. The sports bar puts their take on classic comfort food sourcing their ingredients from local farmers.

Mike Pigot will be partnered with Taiko Taco who serves interpretations of Asian dishes including their infamous bao bun tacos.

Erin Vrba - Cibo partnered with Marilyn Way - Fiasco Gelato

Erin Vrba is Creative Restaurants Group's Corporate Pastry Chef making sure everything is properly and deliciously kneaded, baked and buttered at the long list of restaurants under the group. She began her career working under Chef Judy Wood where she found her passion for working in a kitchen. Following her graduation from SAIT's professional cooking program, Erin worked at the River Cafe as a Baker, Bonterra as a Pastry Chef and at Cibo where she took charge of the in-house bakery. Now she finds herself overseeing the pastry and baking for all of the Calgary Creative Restaurants Group's hot spots, keeping her on her toes with different challenges and accomplishments each day. 

Erin Vrba will be partnered with Fiasco Gelato who is serving up the best Italian gelato in the city made from the freshest ingredients. 

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