Get Your Namasdrake On Checklist

Channelling your inner Champagne Papi ain’t so hard and we’ve got the checklist to prove it to you. On September 16th, we’re bringing you back Drake Yoga to Commonwealth. Not sure how to prepare? We gotchu. Here’s 5 things to do before:

1. Wipe Off Your Yoga Mat


It’s BYOM (bring your own mat) so you’ll need to dust those cobwebs off and get ‘er ready for some bending and stretching.

2. Get That Swag Ready

giphy (1).gif

Hit up Lululemon for the freshest styles or bring out those athletic clothes deep in your closet because we’re going Om.

3. Fight FOMO

giphy (3).gif

Secure your place on the mat and buy those tickets ahead of time. This event is a guaranteed sell out so you’ll want to get off your couch and ahead of the game.

4. Round Up Your Namasbaes

giphy (5).gif

Getting bendy is always more fun with your squad. Grab your yogi’s and come enjoy the morning stretching out those muscles and getting your grub on with a custom brunch.

5.  Jam Out to These Beats  

Get your hype on by listening to our Champagne Papi playlist.

Drake Yoga at Commonwealth is where it's at, come thru.