5 Reasons to Take a car2go to Stampede

Written by: Kayla Pearcey

Wherever your crazy Stampede journey takes you, let car2go get you there in style.



How are you choosing to get down to the grounds this year? Did you ever even consider a car2go?

Those little blue and white SmartCars you see around the city are definitely our go-to transportation for getting to where we need to go, fast - especially to crowded areas (obviously not speeding, but you get it). Their convenience is pretty hard to beat. All you have to do is find a car2go on their handy app, walk up, unlock it with the app, get in and drive, then, once you've reached your destination safe and sound, hop out. Done! Easy peasy.

Calgary’s favourite way to get around is the best way to get to Stampede. Here are 5 reasons to help tide you over:

1. Parking bliss.
With designated parking zones near the Stampede, you won't have to pay those crazy fees to park on the grounds or on the streets. Just find a spot in their VIP member parking zone at Stampede and hop out. You can fit literally anywhere with their compact design.

2. Beat those crowds.
Get ready to be up close and personal with a stranger. The LRT during this time of year is a bit of a headache given there’s a lot more bodies filling up those 3 or 4-car trains. To avoid those crowds, take your new BFF down to the grounds. It'll be worth it - trust.

3. Leave that car at home.
If you don't have one, sweet - welcome to your new ride. Prove to car2go you have a valid license through their registration process and you're all set. If you do own a car, consider leaving it at home for the duration of your Stampede festivities. You'll avoid both the hassle and costs of parking, the temptation to drink and drive and the need to go on a hunt for your car the morning after. It's really a no-brainer.

4. Save those dimes for what really matters... FOOD.
If you’ve seen the incredible food lineup for the midway this year, then you know you'll want to save your money and spend it on things that matter - like adding extra cheesy goodness to your meal. If you have a car, you'll not only be saving on parking costs but you'll also save on gas with car2go's low rates.

5. Look better on your Stampede dates.
Is your car a mess and you have a date tonight? No biggie, we get the struggles of adulting - just grab a car2go. The SmartCars are perfect for getting two down to the grounds. Love at first ride? Maybe, maybe not. That's up to you.

The time to sign up is now. New members can register for free today, and you’ll also get $10 of Drive Credit on us. If you're already a member, enjoy FREE VIP parking right next to the heart of the action now until July 16th.