The Boom Boom Room: 1920s Style Guide

Written by: Kayla Pearcey

Overdressed? Never.

Let’s go back to a time where there was no such thing as overdressing on a Saturday night, only impressing those who walked amongst you.

The Boom Boom Room, hosted by Secret YYC on June 10th at a secret venue, is your time machine back into the 1920s where luxury, class and jazz combine to create an unforgettable evening.

The first thing that comes to mind when we think back to the 19th century is style - a time for glitz and glam. The elegancy and sophistication behind the clothing men and women wore in that era is something that still influences fashion to this day. It’s no secret that our favourite styles - tulle, matching two-piece sets, high-waisted pants, hats, suspenders - have been recycled from years before we were even born.

Here we reveal to you, a guide to dressing up as if you were going out on the town in the 1900s.



The 1920s era was all about adorning yourself with the boldest jewels. Think long pearl necklaces, long beaded necklaces, drop earrings, bracelet stacks and jewelled statement necklaces.


During this time, shapeless silhouettes, long elegant gowns, and sequins made their debut as the go-to for a glamourous night out.

 Feather Pieces

To make even a bolder statement, women flocked into the clubs wearing the chicest feather pieces - either around their necks, arms or as headpieces.



From top hats to neck pieces, men have a lot to choose from to help create that dapper 1920s style. Wearing a necktie or bow tie wasn’t really an option back then - it was the norm. 


Dress up the traditional button down shirt by pairing it with a vest, classic cardigan, suit jacket, or suspenders.


Nothing beats a nice tailored trouser. To add a little personality to their looks, men in the 1920s experimented with different patterns, textures, or bold colours.

With these tips in mind, we expect to meet you at the secret location dressed to impress in your best vintage-inspired outfit.

Not in on the secret yet? There are still a few spots, get them before they’re gone.