6 Cocktails You Can’t Miss at Cheers to Inglewood

Summer’s here - bring on the cocktails, sunshine and good times!

Celebrate with The Nash & Off Cut Bar at their Cheers to Inglewood event on June 22nd with a cocktail party inspired by Inglewood’s sense of home and neighbourly love. With a toast to their community, they are providing a collaboratively crafted signature cocktail menu truly emulating the brands distinctive to Inglewood’s culture.

 Although the campaign lasts all summer, this is the only night all 6 cocktails will be available at the same time. Don’t miss out on sharing the local love and enjoy these tasty 6 signature cocktails before anyone else:

1. Barn Burner - The Livery Shop

Focusing on the contrast between the Mountains and the city. Taking inspiration from a cosmopolitan, while focusing on the contrast between the mountains and the city, we’ve created a cocktail with the infusion of outdoorsy elements. The Mezcal lends the drink a smoky flavor, while the juniper bitters and absinthe create a drink with a lot going more character. Garnished with an anise spur this cocktail is ready for Stampede.  

2. Caribbean Cake Affair - Cold Garden

This tropical cocktail gets down with the fabled beer, Cakeface, brewed by our neighbour Cold Garden and exclusive to The Nash for a limited time. The magicians behind the bar at The Nash crafted a cocktail that perfectly suits the Cold Garden island vibes!

3. Coniferous Zingibeer - Plant


Earthy and herbal cocktails are far too neglected, and something that goes overlooked when considering a refreshing drink. For Plant, we’ve created such a cocktail, that is still approachable and enjoyable to sip on a hot summer day. Similar to a Gin Gin Mule, our cocktail contains gin and lime, but with a signature syrup adding herbal gruit accented with an Alpino Amaro, before topped with a Ginger Spruce Beer.

 4. Rose of 1867 - Kent of Inglewood

Nash_Kent of Inglewood.jpg

 Drawing on the theme of tradition we created a classic style cocktail with native Calgary rye. The Benedictine and herbal liqueur that purportedly has been passed on through generations for centuries sweetens the drink while adding Third Place Ginger Rose Tonic from Kent of Inglewood results in a boulevardier style cocktail with a hint of rose.

5. Cold Fashioned - Rosso


The name says it all. Naturally, we have designed a coffee flavored Old Fashioned. Barista is Italian for Barman, and in both professions, one must balance acidity, sweetness, and bitterness to really allow the base to shine. Incorporating cold brew coffee from Rosso, we’ve balanced an old fashioned that exhibits the finer aspects of the bourbon and coffee.

 6. Afternoon Tea-Light - espy experience


espy experience is introducing a fresh take on a mint julep with the sole purpose of offering a good time. Straying from the classic, The Nash cocktail specialists have created a not too sweet, summery southern flavor using Assam tea syrup accenting the barrel aged qualities of the bourbon.

A portion of the money raised from the cocktails at the end of the campaign in August will be donated to The Alex Youth Health Centre.

We can’t wait to cheers to Inglewood with this great selection of cocktails. See you there!