Your Modern Day Ride

Your chariot awaits. What are you waiting for?

car2go is one of the simplest ways to get where you need to go fast. Their concept is simple and straightforward; find a car, take it, drive it, park it. With over 550 vehicles that are always ready to go - your ride is waiting, no matter your destination.


We almost like to think of car2go as your modern day ride - a chariot to take you anywhere your heart desires within city limits. Car’s a mess and you have a date tonight? Take a car2go. Date turns out to be a nightmare and you need a quick getaway? Take a car2go. Need to avoid that walk of shame the next morning? Take a car2go.

Whatever your situation may be, car2go fits the bill. Just hop in and drive.

If you've always wanted to try car2go, now's your chance to sign up and enjoy a sweet hook up. Using promo code D8NIGHT, new users will enjoy free registration + $10 in driving credit.

Heading down to Lilac Fest on Sunday, June 4th? car2go is offering free lunch from Taiko Taco to the first 1,000 members. Sign up in advance with our promo code and download the app, you can get free lunch! Plus, you can park like a VIP at their drop zone on 4th and 23rd.

Check out the car2go website and use promo code D8NIGHT to redeem.