5 Things Everyones Talking About This Week

Written By: Rachel Antony 

From Canada Creep to McGregor vs Mayweather, here's what everyone's talking about this week. 

1. @CanadaCreep

A 42-year-old man is being charged for posting photos and videos of unsuspecting women in Calgary. Jeffrey Robert Williamson is currently facing three counts each of voyeurism and publication of voyeuristic recordings but the case is still under investigation and more charges could be laid. The infamous Twitter account had been running for two years with over 16,000 followers and was first brought to the attention of authorities on Monday. The police found hundreds of thousands of images on various computers and electronic devices after searching Jeffery's home. The photos and videos of women, mostly in the downtown area, were objectifying and inappropriate; many of the photos/videos focused in on women's butts or chest, and some videos were even shot up women's skirts. Jeffery is supposed to appear in court today.

2. Mayweather vs McGregor 

Floyd Mayweather announced the fight yesterday on Instagram posting a video with the caption "It's Official." The light-middleweight fight against Connor McGregor will take place in Vegas on August 26th and will be the richest in boxing history. Mayweather retired in 2015 undefeated after 49 bouts and is coming out of retirement for this fight. McGregor is the top dog in UFC but has never boxed professionally; he is also 12 years younger than Mayweather. It will unsurprisingly be the biggest pay-per-view TV event, and both men will rake in upwards of $10 million minimum. Even if they're just doing it for the money, you can't say you don't want to see this matchup happen.

3. London Fire

Early Wednesday morning, the 120-apartment Grenfell Tower in London burst into flames, engulfing the tower in little under an hour. 17 people are confirmed dead, with more than 70 people injured. However, the death toll could rise as the firefighters are still searching the huge apartment building. A tenants' group of the social-housing project had been complaining for years about the risk of a fire but the cause of the fire is still under investigation. The authorities are looking into renovations that were completed last year to add decorative touches to the building. British Prime Minister Theresa May has ordered a full public inquiry as public anxiety is growing that a similar fire could happen to other housing blocks in the country. There have been more than 1 million pounds raised, and community centres have been overwhelmed with the number of donations pouring in for the people who have been left homeless.

4. TransCanada Pipeline 

It has been confirmed the TransCanada's pipeline system in Alberta and BC will get a $2-billion expansion. The plans are backed by firm contracts with producers to ship roughly three billion cubic feet of natural gas a day; with the hopes that the liquefied natural gas exports industry will boom. TransCanada's Nova Gas Transmission Ltd. (NGTL) system already spans more than 24,000km across Alberta and BC and they're aiming to grow it another 273km of new pipe and related facilities with this project. Waiting on approval of the National Energy Board, the company aims to start construction in early 2019. 

5. NHL & NBA Finals

Just like last year, the Stanely Cup finals ended with Sidney Crosby of the Pittsburgh Penguins hoisting the trophy up. This year the Pens beat out the Nashville Predators in Game 6, 2-0 after a back and forth final series run. Crosby took home the Conn Smythe Trophy for the second year in a row, and Matt Murray became the first goaltender and first rookie to take home two Stanley Cups in his first two years in the league. It's hard to say what will happen next year, but the Penguins are the favorites to win the 2018 Stanley Cup, sitting at 9-1 odds.

The Golden State Warriors beat the Cleaveland Cavaliers in five games to take the NBA Championship, 129-125. This is the second year in a row that the Warriors beat out the Cavs (and the third year this matchup has happened) in the finals. Kevin Durrant took home MVP, scoring more than 30 points in each of the final games. Even though they lost, LeBron James still proved himself as the best player in the league; he is the first player to ever average a triple-double during the finals. If things continue, we will probably be seeing the two teams again next year in the finals.