5 Thing's Everyone's Talking About This Week

Written by: Rachel Antony

From United Airlines to Katy Perry's hair, here's what everyone's talking about this week. 

1. United Airlines

United Airlines is in serious hot water after a man was forcibly removed from his seat on an overbooked flight on Sunday. Dr. David Dao was dragged down the aisle of the plane with his shirt up and glasses askew in front of all the other passengers who, unsurprisingly, filmed the whole scene. A couple things happened after the event: United Airline's stock dropped nearly 4% knocking almost $1B off its value, and Jimmy Kimmel slammed United Airlines with a parody safety video. United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz issued an apology for the events that took place, stating that “no one should ever be mistreated this way.”

2. Palm Sunday Attacks

Two churches were bombed in Egypt on Sunday, killing at least 43 Palm Sunday worshippers and injuring hundreds more. Two Coptic churches were targeted in different cities in northern Egypt. The first bomb went off inside St. George’s Church in the Nile Delta city of Tanta and then a few hours later a suicide bomber rushed toward St. Mark’s Cathedral in the coastal city of Alexandria. ISIL has claimed responsibility after having recently warned that it would step up violence against Egypt’s Christians. Pope Francis, celebrating Palm Sunday in St. Peter’s Square, expressed deep condolences to Pope Tawadros II, the Coptic church, and the entire Egyptian nation. 

3. 17th Ave Construction

Last week the city announced that the beginning of the 17th Ave construction plan will begin this month. People did not react well. The project could take up to four years, with road closures as they move block-by-block down the street. It's a $44-million project that will go from Macleod Trail S.E. to 14 St. SW. The long time frame is in consideration of the businesses there with fewer and shorter construction zones. It's imperative that the businesses can still thrive while the construction is happening; the sidewalks will not be blocked off for pedestrians, only the roads. The construction includes rebuilding sidewalks, adding crosswalks, designing new traffic lanes and upgrading the underground utilities. It's been a long time coming as some of the utilities are more than 100 years old. Fingers crossed the construction won't kill our 17th Ave vibe.

4. San Bernardino Shooting

Yesterday, a man fatally shot his estranged wife and a student in her San Bernardino elementary school classroom, before killing himself. The student who was killed, Jonathan Martinez, was born with a genetic condition and had survived heart surgery. One other student was injured. The couple had only been married for a few months before separating and the wife moving out of the house. Sources are saying that he had threatened her previously, but she didn't take the threats seriously and ignored his attempts to get her to move back home. This shooting happened only 15 months after the terror attack that killed 14 people.

5. Seven Inches For Planned Parenthood

Mary J. Blige, Bjork, Foo Fighters, John Legend, Common, Bon Iver, Sleater-Kinney, St. Vincent, Chvrches, Feist, Laurie Anderson, Estelle, Elliott Smith and members of The National are amoung the big name musical talent that are donating mostly unreleased music to a box set of 7" singles to stand up against Trump's administration and support the reproductive health care organization the government is pushing to defund. In the next coming weeks, the music will be released in batches digitally. The box set will also be available in vinyl. All proceeds will go to Planned Parenthood.

Plus One: Katy Perry's Hair

Let's just talk about this for a second. Some people are saying Justin Bieber, some people are calling out Eminem, but we think Katy Perry's new platinum blonde pixie cut is bold, daring, and sexy.